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  1. Its the muscle car theme but I might have to make the lists heavy on those transition races. Those look awesome
  2. line up 1. Preparing to knock over my crewmates with the rockets BMX and Bones fell but not to dramatic. Weev falling from a thing Getting nice and close to BMX but not actually hitting him. Good ole loop Good ole submerging Good ole "Dolphining" as BMX put it. Bone's deathmatch. Bones taking out Fanboy Enter BMX Enter Jizzy Enter Me. BMX gets Jizzy One solid swipe takes out BMX and Bones Enter Fanboy again He gets a stab in I get a bit lucky with the next 2 stabs Fanboy decided to choose the Futo and here is how the race started for him. I think he might be going the wrong way. Weev actually gets a kill on BMX in the snipers vs ultralights job Downhill Jam I guess action replay doesn't record hooker action because my clip started right when BMX finished. I did get the shot of when BMX demanded we get his money back. That calls for a circle jerk It would seem BMX finished on top We found out in this particular overtime rumble you can jump to the enemy platform at the start of the jump Ramming Fanboy off his start Fanboy and BMX got the 5 But not for long Here is the risk you run when trying to get to the opponent platform at the start. BMX learns the hard way. He actually recovered and still made it to the end My BMX race If I'm quick enough on a low speed bail I can save the clip. Here is me and Fanboy fucking up as Weev passes Clusterfuck on corner 1 Jump 1 Dup's ringrock race as a GTA race on bikes BMX kicked by fanboy At high speeds with the boosts people really go flying A tight grouping Fanboy hits Bones next I hit Fanboy Then gtagrl end
  3. Doing donuts at line up 1. BMX shows up in another golf cart. Demo Derby Nascar Bones with some rockets for Dup Me shooting some rockets at a cluster of people I score a shot on Kuz Some rockets for Fanboy An old Job form Camwal ( Who I think went by Goon Panda on here ) Fuck ups at corner 1. It would seem gtagrl made no attempt at turning More clusterfucks Me and BMX take the jump Neither of us had a graceful landing Here is from the above video. I'm sent sideways by BMX Then Jizzy who is on my team bangs me the other way. Thanks Jizzy. You were trying to set me up for the shot right? Upside down as Bones comes by Letting the rockets out Hit on Bones Bones's bike exploding causes BMX to blow up Deadline vision over Shooting up Dup His car almost killed me Killing Fanboy Killing Kuz I scrolled back. I missed the action but here is Kuz, gtagrl and a bloody mess Killing Fanboy again I scrolled back. Missed the action again but It seems fanboy cleaned house with Dup and Bones lying dead. Dup with a great shot on Jizzy Right through the bars I cut Dup's glory short Weev with a nice gunbutt on Bones I cut Weev's glory short Kuz vs Bones Kuz Won I cut Kuz's glory short with the grenade launcher the first one killed him buy why stop shooting? lul Gunbutt on gtagrl from a weird angle Kuz takes out Dup BMX then takes out Kuz rolling away from BMX. I still bleed Somehow I'm still alive taking more shots Just a bit of health left. Got a bit lucky maybe on this one I swear the ps4 pro has the blood stay on the ground longer. Look at all the puddles. Shanty Town. Killing gtagrl Here is me at my camp site that made Jizzy angry. Killing Weev The clusterfuck at the start of a gta bike race Somehow only fanboy falls victim to the feet of fury Killing gtagrl's NPC after she left the lobby No hat falls off when I did it to fanboy though O yeah Money Shot
  4. My surround sound might be fucked. Maybe my desktop computer. I think everything else is fine Edit Stuff isn't looking too bad. I'll be around igta night. Fuck was this all stressful
  5. I probably won't be around. A pipe burst in my bathroom and my place flooded. I'll be dealing with that shit
  6. line up 1 BMX coming through I didn't realise friendly fire was on Line up 2 Bones's SUV race Blocking BMX And blocking him some more Another smack on him in the next lap some rockets for Kuz Best spawn point ever The Turnoning Killing Bones Kuz with a gunbutt on Weev The cocky bastard emotes after it lol Jizzy with a butt on Fanboy. Butt lol I then kill Jizzy Just Dune It Exploring the mine Weev went AFC. We were waiting for him. Some APC Fun Barn Battle! Weev vs Kuz Weev wins Weev vs Kuz again Weev with a nice shot on Bones Bones topples down Gtagrl kills Jizzy Then I kill Gtagrl. Good thing "Kuz from the Future" was wearing his glasses Then I save Weev from Fanboy But I don't save him from Kuz Another on Fanboy Not so special shot but here is Kuz delivering the game winning bag Kuz's bike race Jizzy was upfront most of the race Dup's Race - Eboladrome. Fanboy with the brave choice of a Moonbeam Bones was quite happy with his landing on the 4 Unfortunately... ..yeah Here's too many pictures of that. Fanboys's Race And finally, killing Bones after he left the lobby
  7. not exactly but if I can do it throughout the one night we play gta then why not. Also, that character has a fuckload of OG launch cars that are modded all ricery. It's good for this theme in the same right.
  8. True. I'm being Kuz though because my girl doesn't have any more oppressors to sell. edit O FUCK PS4 pro came today. I'll be all set up for tomorrow. My pics are going to look fucking dope with the upgraded graphics.
  9. Here is one I took for the banner before I realized I still had a clip from out car line up
  10. Dude I had about 10 pics of you buntting people from 3 different kills you got. But I fucked up and deleted it all like a fucktard At least Bones got great shot and gtagrl did a video
  11. Actually I have 1 clip from that when Kuz showed up. Ill use that
  12. I thought I hit copy but I was at delete lol. Deleted all my pics. Nothing from me this week
  13. So Weev is coming back? Woot woot?!!?