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  1. PS BMX wanted to do Emergency Services next week? Any objections? Or should we call it border patrol night? That might be funny ( and racist? ). Could still get use of the taser on that.
  2. I don't think so. I just had it there to look like an eyeball from above. You can try though....as long as you're not on my team
  3. Everyone got dropped and I was close enough to BMX to kill his ped. Don't fuck with the Gardener! Trapped BMX Slasher mode in the Bunker. ( note: I killed everyone but Fanboy. He got me in the end ) So here I kill some people Here I kill someone else a gun bunt on another person. And final one before Fanboy fucked me up. I have no idea who is who. Dam masks. Some ruiners Running over BMX during the ramps of death Fanboy likes riding pipe here is Death Eyeball Spiral. Thanks for the name gtagrl I promised Bones I would take too many pictures of when I eliminated him. It was all my skill that eliminated him. It had nothing to do with him hitting reverse by accident like a dumb fucktard. bye bye ok, gtagrl's turn to go off. Looking at it again this was probably BMX's fault for hitting me from behind. BMX came in hot after and almost got me. IKILLYOU's turn to go. I celebrate with a pop The resurrection mode in the bunker. Here I murder a person. Again, dam masks. No idea who. Here I murder gtagrl ( i think ) Done
  4. my biggest gripe is these wont be released in the creator. I thought they were going to eventually. I then realized we don't have the import/export vehicles. But it does have the ruston and other new cars. That came out after the import export. Leads me to believe they will never put this stuff in the creator for deathmatches/captures ect.
  5. You stole my line. If anyone is gonna die soon its fanboy. He will get tentacle raped to death by a pack of anime fags at one of those conventions he goes too.
  6. Noice pics. I was in a lobby with a bit drunk BMX ( like, 5/10 dunk. ) and he was pushing for emergency night. After seeing Bones pic of Cowboys chasing the non-threatening middle aged lady, id be down. That was hilarious.
  7. lawl Some fun in the Bodhi with BMX and Bones. Here's where it started going wrong for BMX and ect. Fuck you BMX You too Bones. you three, fanboy. Yah, I was listening to slash. Broman was around for 10 minutes but then had to go cook. Me and BMX in our Desert Raids during Weev's offroad race. Shanty Town. Not sure who killed BMX here. Me or Bones. I got Bones after Watch your back gtagrl Dirty Kuz Roll Fanboy getting in on shooting an already dead Bones. That proved to be a nice decoy Gtagrl be all liEk.... "ahh mah faEc merrrrr!" Then Bones be all liEk... "ahh mah faEc merrrrr!" Getting on our farm stunts. I slowly rolled up on something interesting. getting a bit run over...just a bit the fuckers fucked up my mower. Gtagrl kills fanboy. Here is too many photos of it to balance out my kill shots. Yeah I got gtagrl after, but here is only 1 picture of it. some more booger noms with gtagrl end
  8. Lol only 4 votes in the poll Maybe just doing a verbal vote on igta nights is the way to go while everyone is on. We talked about werstler night last week. And Hollywood night. Motocross night was too recent to do again. I like trucker night and GTA character night regardless of which wins. I'm also keen for pirates, ninjas and hobo. Cowboys should be good
  9. me vs fanboy enter Nemo to finish the job me vs BMX Scooters! gtagrl, me me, fanboy Hatchet high. Weev vs Fanboy forgot to rotate it...fuck it I then get weev Bones vs Giger or Morrbo. Not sure. Then weev vs Bones Bones dodges Weev falls lul Bones dies Baiting BMX up here. You saw what happened in the video up top. again, forgot to rotate it. Just tilt your phone. does anyway even come here on a computer anymore? I do but I kick it old school too many pics of this? nah us flipping each other off the next round Otiz's job. tanking out fanboy Roadrash. taking out fanboy again. tilt your phone/and or head gtagrls turn I didn't know you knew how to break dance. Awesome head spin Nemo's turn frig, another break dancer taking out BMX's NPC after he left the lobby nice face brah end
  10. so gtagrl ( I think ) extended it. I put back the old banner. We're good to go. I guess Military night will impose on whichever upcoming theme when gun runners comes out. We for sure can use that APC. Looks pretty cool.
  11. Was anyone upset when most of the enemies in 3 were black? Or all of them were brown in 4? liEk wtf lmfao. Fucking retards
  12. I am going to be pissed if we need a stupid warehosue for the tampa.
  13. I demand my 2 minutes back!
  14. But the not warriors banner...