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  1. An epic escape from Fanboy I had a few from Saturday with gtagrl and Fanboy. Hey Gtagrl... Your pants are the same colour as my car Bongs! Line up with Turismo Classics Now back to actual iGTA Night We thought we had Bones. Then Fanboy hit him just hard enough hop over my car Bye Bones I got a few good ones on gtagrl. The first. I block her in. Bones smashes her to sit vertical. Ooo, what's my finger about to do? O yeah. That. Bones, Fanboy and I create a box using only our cars. Now that's teamwork Fuck Me? No! Fuck You! A textbook smash on Jizzy Bye Jizzy I seem to be picking on Gtagrl a little this week. Bye Gtagrl BMX somehow gets some air off the curb. This looks bad on BMX for being a dirty racer in this picture. However I span out and was already sideways. His bump actually set me straight and fucked him over. Not sure if he was actually trying to help but thanks either way. Bye BMX.
  2. we got to play some penned in BMX with the best Vehicle Kuz in the Trophy Truck, Me in a Fagola BMX and Weev At the beach. Fanboy in the other Fagola Here is how my run ended. Thanks Kuz see you guys later The thing with the couch. Probably going to use one of these in the banner the next time we do this lol Kuz shooting at Weev after penned in. What will happen? If you said Fanboy is going to run over Kuz from behind, you were right Hai Weev Fanboy Chasing me on foot for some reason Hai again Weev Killing Fanboy's character after he left the lobby Here is some from last night. I had more...but fuck it. BMX, Kuz and Weev. BMX finished Weev. Kuz and BMX were working together because they're cucks. Luckily for me BMX side steps off the platform I take Kuz
  3. That shit pic is great. Exactly what I hoped for when I made that
  4. Gtagrl sends me and Bones flying Fanboy and Jizzy have a little bump It's sends Jizzy into a wallride He doesn't stick the landing Bones gets flung by the windmill Killing Bones Jizzy gets flung BMX vs Fanboy BMX fends him off by spraying ink at him like an octopus? Killing Gtagrl's NPC after she left the lobby
  5. The crossing of the streams Gtagrl and I looking pretty bondagey Hi Bones HUD on cause retardation. But we all get hit by a train I somehow live Fanboy and Bones do not Weev landed in the water so we got a bit closer than expected Got in a quick hit thrust before the round ended My turn for running Plinko Made it to the end will 1 grenade be enough? Yes Bones, Fanboy and I have a little accident Fanboy flys off the track. Kuz fucks up the first turn in BMX's race for a similar effect To be fair everyone fucked that turn up Fanboy was nice enough to hit a pole, letting me by. thanks Fanboy At this point Fanboy was proclaiming "Don't do it Dio!" I did it BMX shows me how to use a speed boost as a weapon I'd say it's learning the hard way but I will remember it. Weev wouldn't get out of my way. I had no choice Firetruck Fighting - Taking down Bones Shooting backwards on Kuz All aboard the Bati railway After that line up as Bones pointed out, all hell broke loose. We started to slap the shit out of each other Shooting BMX through glass Kuz kills Fanboy I kill Kuz Some interesting elevator footage. Weev camping and taking out Fanboy I put an end to that Fanboy fucks up the first corner in BMX's other race. Dup's magic pool floaty job. Who new an aircraft carrier would make such a good spiral? BMX flys off the track Taking down Gtagrl's NPC Fanboy boasted he left the lobby and his NPC disappeared so I couldn't get him. But his car was left behind Might aswell make it count With it on fire the stickies blow up in a different order rather than triggering them all a the same time The one on the back didn't blow until his car hit the roof. LAWL and done. Fuck you Fanboy
  6. Saturday Night fun Ramping onto the truck with a little help from my friend WyldeRhoads. I was pretty drunk when I took these so I forgot to take off the HUD. Not that that doesn't happen when I'm sober. Wylde and BMX aimlessly kicking BMX going for a parachute jump I put a stop to it We got to play the new game mode early thanks to Cynical Creator and his modder friends. Wylde found a good parking spot Party at Gtagrl's Everyone trying to go in to check Truth's prostate Cheech actually showed up believe it or not Showing him my submarine car Some fireworks for Wylde
  7. I made the bestest banner ever for our no theme nights. Comic sans is the best font. :| Lets kick off the topic with some Friday night fun For some reason Weev and BMX were working together. Shake and bake. Weev smashing into me. I recover, Weev doesn't and goes flying off the track A quick Sumo match. Eliminating Broman Jizzy kills gtagrl Then BMX gunbutts Broman Broman shotguns Jizzy Then I kill Broman Jizzy vs Broman, who wins? No one Taking down gtagrls NPC as she leaves the lobby Broman left the lobby and Truth had him trapped in the clothing store for awhile. We eventually let him out Truth gets the honour to smash his head I didn't realise at the time he turned into the green hair guy
  8. got this just in case we were not coordinated enough for a group shot that is decent. I need something for next years banner However we were, and there was lots of beer and a line up clearly the best car there gtagrl got quite the show when she went AFC and when she got back The hell dome JFK dies gtagrl dies Annihilatron. Not sure who's dying here Taking down Nemo Going up Blazer Battle. Killing Weev gtagrl Nemo Shooting Weev in the head BMX takes out...someone Then I had a missile for BMX I think Bones might be going the wrong way For sure something wrong here Nemo gets dropped from the lobby Line up 2 Gtagrl's car. NPC Nemo dying in the background. And finally Nemo's car. It was ugly so I blew it up for almost ruining our GREEN ( not red ) car line up I like it much better this way I gave JFK a similar treatment as he fell asleep once again. Fagolas Galore 2 wheeling it We did this again. Backwards rockets for Weev And for BMX. I think Fanboy is in there somewhere too. IDK I was too far away. Fanboy chasing me down while I have the capture bag. He was closer than I thought. Way closer. But I got away. He tried to run me over after I delivered. But he got stuck in the bush and I shot him in the head. Better luck next time Fanboy. PS I then stole your truck.
  9. an update that big wouldn't come out of no where. Probably new cars. Maybe 1 new one and weekly releases to follow.
  10. a couple when I unlocked my revolver Taking down an NPC Fanboy after he got dropped and kick him once for good measure Taking down real Fanboy in a gta race taking down Kuz He flys off ass first pics of the above video I get gtragrl in a similar fashion Sending it with BMX Tractor stunts The wallride with Fanboy. He boosts and slipstreams past me in mid air But doesn't stick the landing The shootout in the job Bones linked me. This one looked pretty cool Taking out gtagrl then R2 ( I had to do a weird angle so you wouldn't see the health pack the dude out in the middle. Pick ups should be hidden in the editor, honestly ) Jizzy kills Bones BMX decides to hitch a ride with the train I don't appreciate vagrant stowaways At the yellow jack. Bones looking at me liEk "You crackas fo real?" Fanboy is for real, killing Jizzy BMX decided to run the whole gta race so I went out of my way to blow him up My Shanty Town. Killing Fanboy BMX kills Bones Fanboy kills Jizzy Gunbutt on gtagrl BMX with a gunbutt on Jizzy Someone kills BMX it's Gtagrl through the bush I kill Jizzy Me and gtagrl reload Looks like the revolver reloads faster Bones was then behind me. What happens next isn't important.... :| thasall
  11. I threw up GTA Characters on the calendar for @Jizzy
  12. loading up bombs under the table for BMX . Since we're in an MC he is still giving the thumbs up He makes it over the house R2 fighting off zombies. Pretty much the only theme-ish thing we did the ole jump and bail BMX lands on the flipside of the car here is a cool race Bones put in the playlist My deathmatch. Stubby Camp Bunting Dup Gtagrl takes down Bones Then I take down Dup Gtagrl and I are Weinners. We Wien. Dup kills Jizzy Some capture Bones had. Running over Bones and BMX I sent gtagrl flying in a race She clears the tree I was AFC from this job while eating meatballs but I managed to get a clip of Dup killing BMX Playing chicken with BMX On the 5. gtagrl almost knocked me off. Jizzy is incoming O noes nevermind Jizzy misses here are some pics of his failure here is a crispy Jizzy running over R2 during Kuz's capture BMX stealing the police car from Jizzy I kill Jizzy before BMX is done stealing the car BMX steals it from a dead Jizzy I kill BMX BMX again going for the vehicles. He runs over gtagrl Poor gtagrl I get vengeance for gtagrl BMX AGAIN in a vehicle. Hes running over Kuz. I notice the truck has bulletproof windows At this point Kuz was yelling "help meh" Since I couldn't shoot BMX I just put Kuz out of his misery. Then I try and steal the truck. And I do. But we exchage seats a few times. Lets skip over a few potential pictures of us playing musical chairs I eventually have the door open and shoot him in the head At the end of the night taking down Bones's NPC