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  1. you might be missing enough spawns or player start points. Something like that.
  2. I made playlists I'll make a new theme poll next week. We're planned pretty far ahead already lol. Maybe keep it 1 poll per week. Edit No votes for crew blue. Lol Fuck crew blue Orange 4 lyfe
  3. I start the night out with the best junker ever. Donuts with Gtagrl Passing by Bones. The first line up. Jizzy, Bones, Nemo, Me, Gtagrl, Ace Time for the ceremonial burning of Ace. Jizzy gets one later on as well. There's a bug on my LTS where some people can get in the helicopters. Here is me mowing down R2 from the Valkyrie's cannon. Then BMX. Aqua Blazers Someone had the bright idea to start jumping in the Ruiner 2000 at the very beginning of the race. The blue car followed. It didn't work out well. Then these two idiots did the same thing. Ace, Me, Gtagrl, Nemo, Jizzy. Hunting down Nemo's NPC after he left the lobby Fanboy fucking shit up with his Wedge I got a bit crushed. Then my leg was caught in that crevice for about 10 seconds. Some 'splosions More 'splosions The longshot on Bones. Zancudo Challenge Weev Running over Jizzy during Skee Car Ball. Weev ( or R2?...idk ) goes for the car bail method, will he land it? O, so close. But he slides off. My turn. Bail. And I stick the landing. Kuz showed up still looking like dapper animals night. Ouch. Parachuting with gtagrl And finally, killing Fanboy's NPC when he left the lobby. There goes the hat. Fin.
  4. We could With my eyes I wont we making jobs anytime soon. That just means Dup will have to at least make 6 new jobs
  5. Underpants MC should just be Scooter Brothers Night. It's basically the same thing and a bit more on point. Here is a new poll for the in between weeks if we move something like cunning stunts DLC stuff. http://www.strawpoll.me/12570094
  6. Lol awesome clips
  7. Didn't get much on account of working late but here we are R2 puts on a show for the ped. He doesn't seem to enjoy it. That's for being ungrateful This guy too Bones gets pushed over the barrier Bye Bones Ruiners Me and Bones Submerged on the landing Weev Me and weev drunk Pointing out why Fanboy's car looks stupid as he tried telling me it looks better than the bullet. Who will win the fight? Me, cause cheating Fuck your car, Weev. I may have tripped on the spoiler end
  8. I might be working late. Dont wait up
  9. Moar leakage https://www.reddit.com/r/gtaonline/comments/5zatfk/foxysnaps_leaked_better_pictures_of_the_4_dlc/
  10. I shall be there. I should be getting glasses Moday and my eyeballs are slowly getting better. I hope im up for the playlist but I will at least be around for freeroam
  11. I just retweeted it. It works now for some reason. Added Junkers night to the calendar as it won the poll. Got a new poll up. I will probably use that poll site from now on. It works pretty good and can lock votes from IPs. So if someone does want to vote more than once they will at least have to do it from different devices or change their IP.
  12. Fuck ya, weev saved that clip. That was awesome
  13. At the same time there will be people saying "what the fuck do i do for that theme" so I think seeing the banner is important. That being said, check the OP. Surprise!
  14. Now we're going to have to play that job of mine on Tuesday
  15. Hopefully I'll be there So what you think, reveal the theme Tuesday morning?