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  1. There will be a mod for that I imagine.
  2. We still need the creator update as the creator right now is pretty dam broken.. But yeah I guess so. What Weev said though. A mix of mud and ramps would be cool. Also, for Wild west i'd love to make a new job for that. I wouldn't mind a no theme night soon before the creator update as well. The last couple of weeks have been race heavy. I'd like some death matches, captures ect.
  3. dam dude that sucks. I doubt it's a ban. Wouldn't you get a warning first? Maybe a bad sport lobby for some time if you were caught. Anyway, had an idea for a theme. I think we touched on it, but a western night would be cool. Especially now we have proper cowboy boots. When is the new creator out? We should move motorcross night so we can at least have new jobs for that. Western night we really don't need any.
  4. I think it's OK to leave the picture shit to the people who enjoy it. More people sharing would be cool too. I'd say to people give it a shot. Maybe you will like it. Maybe you will never post a picture again. I really think I am going to do less. Past couple of weeks it pissed me off. I'm thinking take them in groups of 4. Post to twitter. Embed them here. Done. 8 pics a week maybe. That is just fine. Maybe a clip or two as well lul
  5. maybe I will try the renaming thing but it's all starting to be too much work for what it is lol I don't know what photobuckets problem is. The ads make it lag like a motherfucker and that is why I have trouble copying. Then my ad blocker just makes it not work at all.
  6. lmfao well thanks for embedding my pics. I really do have to remember to turn off the hud.
  7. ohhhhh
  8. So pics go way faster when you don't bother with filters or depth of field lol. Here is the gallery with all my pics. I have to click the copy link on photobucket about seven times before it works. I will be looking for a new image host once again. This is ridiculous. http://s1266.photobucket.com/user/ayreon3843/library/igta July 19 - bmx night?sort=3&page=1 attempt to climb the bridge thing it went less than great me and bones jump off the thing The bmx bowl got a bit car filled Hey, Who wants to hit this ramp? Dup does and fails bmx does with a backflip sticks the landing again more pics here http://s1266.photobucket.com/user/ayreon3843/library/igta July 19 - bmx night?sort=3&page=1 done and done
  9. is it only from a vats attack? I've done a few neck snapping stuff with my unarmed character. Even a german suplex. But never a trip while holding a gun. I guess actually my only perks on him are heavy weapons and unarmed so I am either punching or using my missile launcher.
  10. He takes the place of the other doctor inside the Mega Surgery Centre after that quest. He can do the usual healing, barter and facial reconstruction. How did you throw that one person to the ground. I've never done that lol I tried merking everyone there the other day. I found a few of them weren't killable so I reloaded. Maybe they are now that I did the quest.
  11. I have a job for sandy shores actually. http://rsg.ms/d28a41a
  12. BMX said he can make a cool playlist. He has some really cool BMX jobs from his elite friends. Dup, post your skate parks here so he can at least book those too. or we can just launch those on their own and just play them for awhile rather than BMXing around in free-roam.
  13. no rush man. Just pull a gtagrl, and post them a week late. THEN Pull a me, and delete every other clip without looking at what they are. There you go, you'll already be halfway done. THEN Pull a ( insert names of the countless people who don't post snaps at all ), and don't bother with pics next week. The stunt race pics will probably be more interesting anyways.
  14. I'm pulling a Bones here and complaining about the snap community, but what the fuck? So many of the top pics for the contest aren't even taken from a stunt race. Do these people even play the fucking game? lmfao

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DuPz0r


      I gave up on snap contests long ago. We all won it when there was a niche, now that scene is way too over-saturated with twitter and socialclub clicks, there's no chance R* will notice anything past the big snap crews. 


      I like our personal snaps of the crew anyway, so much more sentimental. 

    3. gtagrl


      iGTA's motto is "Less bullshit rumours, more facts", with an emphasis on the 'less bullshit'. Snap crews are fine for actual photography, the rest have fallen into the trap of becoming whores for likes, and that's not who we are. 

    4. bOnEs


      *secretly is asking people to like his biker snap* :lol: 

      there's a fucking selfie near the top too :rolleyes: 

  15. I wasn't sure if anyone got anything from races so I took quite a few. I could have kept going too. I ended up saving some more clips when I was playing on Wednesday night. Said fuck it tho. Those took long enough