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  1. That's horrible weev, we would never do that. Just a quick explanation for one of the more complicated parts for a Drippy Trip At this point in the race, you can either ride the tube, turn right and take the primary route, or fall to the water bellow, turn left and take the secondary. The primary route is longer but allows for more speed as route 2 is in mostly water. Also, the the three ppl who disliked this race without explanation, you're a pussy. Way to be a pussy, pussies.
  2. This is true^ Perhaps we just should just the 1st playlist again later in the night once the brits have gone Nvm the @s, my phones being weird@bOnEs@DiO
  3. Has anyone tried out A Drippy Trip yet?
  4. @bOnEsMy park ranger stunt race is still in production. Soon. @DiO I usually just tag it as kuz, igta, and the name of the race, thought that would work. I'll keep the this in mind, thinkin I might have one more in me tonight...
  5. Uh huh... I made a couple The Deep End http://rsg.ms/2832119 A Drippy Trip http://rsg.ms/fc96a68
  6. I thought saying what i said, would give bOnEs the reaction of "Oh, they don't expect me to keep everything in order? Good. One less thing to stress about." That and I think the whole idea of being the "nanny/babysitter" etc of dozens of full grown adults is pretty disrespectful and condescending in it's own way. I know he doesn't mean to insult any of us by it but sometimes our intentions don't always bring about the best results, ie. My fail. Anyhow, bro hug, xoxo, yada yada. No worries gtagrl. I appreciate the explanation. We're cool
  7. gtagrl, not cool. You know fuck all about my life. I'm not kicking bOnEs, im trying to pick him up and brush him off. We all have our problems and if you knew mine, you'd keep those bitchy comments to yourself. That's all I've got left to say about this.
  8. I swear some shits always gotta go down when i skip a crew night. Gonna be honest here, ive never seen you as the boss/authority/etc, bOnEs. I see you as the topic creator and the most active Twittererer, maybe that's just me but maybe it's not. This Isn't a knock on you or anything, i'm just saying aside from the pressure to create the topic each week, it seems you're carrying a phantom weight on your shoulders. Let it go, bud, i promise no ones toes are gonna get crushed Crew nights aren't really as organized as they use to be anyhow, most of the needed organisation if not all came from staged photo ops which we almost never do anymore. Just chiiiiill, have some fun, go find a Casey, and hit it. I nominate weev as the temporary topic starter.
  9. Looks like Hollywood has finally spread to the forums... #stopthewhitewashing

    1. bOnEs


      my EYES!!!!! :o

    2. Qdeathstar


      Also, WTF is my avatar rounded. SQUARE IT BITCH.

  10. Ah I see Maannn ain't nobody got time for readin WHOLE sentences Pfffftt
  11. Yeah uhh, Jizzy, If that were true, I think I would have to disagree... Anywho back on topic This is one of the more modern mainstream rap songs that for whatever reason, Im in to.
  12. I'm sayin The names alone seem dumb as fuck haha