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  1. ... Yooouu get nooo liikes from meee
  2. Looks like emo spider man to me
  3. Just post a music video that matches the theme every week. Also, there bOnEs. I posted.
  4. Sheeit ay dey bedda if dey rollin in my hood cuh
  5. Put me down as a maybe. Witcha bumbass white theme screenshot postin headass...
  6. Actually DuPz got stuck and asked for some assistance, so I went over to help him out. You, however, did not and instead went for first, which is why I T-boned the holy fuck out of you into the alamo sea
  7. Go for it. I prefer Mondays anyway.
  8. We can change our appearance for 100k?! FINALLY. I hope we can save templates. If not, i'll just write down formulas somewhere. Best part of this update.
  9. Woops. My b. But yeah I made 2 thingamajigs.
  10. And so it begins. Ready the Shit List!
  11. @bOnEsI'm thinking maybe that Isn't just Dutch's men, it is possible the artwork is based around the characters that'll propel the plot or on one mission in particular where you have to work with someone like an Edgar Ross etc. Something like that. Also, something worth noting is the original gang had four men, whereas in the artwork we see seven, wich kinda backs my theory I have to agree with this. Looks like we all might get fucked in the ass again with more pay-to-play bullshit. Should've named the damn game Red Dead Rectum
  12. My guess from left to right... John Marston, Edgar Ross, Dutch, ???, Bill Williamson, Javier, ???
  13. Meh Stole, appropriated, yada yada. I will admit that outfit is hilarious with the boxers. You may defeat me with a swift stomp as I'm rolling on the floor 😂 (not gonna happen)