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  1. Woops. My b. But yeah I made 2 thingamajigs.
  2. And so it begins. Ready the Shit List!
  3. @bOnEsI'm thinking maybe that Isn't just Dutch's men, it is possible the artwork is based around the characters that'll propel the plot or on one mission in particular where you have to work with someone like an Edgar Ross etc. Something like that. Also, something worth noting is the original gang had four men, whereas in the artwork we see seven, wich kinda backs my theory I have to agree with this. Looks like we all might get fucked in the ass again with more pay-to-play bullshit. Should've named the damn game Red Dead Rectum
  4. My guess from left to right... John Marston, Edgar Ross, Dutch, ???, Bill Williamson, Javier, ???
  5. Meh Stole, appropriated, yada yada. I will admit that outfit is hilarious with the boxers. You may defeat me with a swift stomp as I'm rolling on the floor ūüėā (not gonna happen)
  6. DiO... A worthy foe, but I assure you... YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR MY KUNG FU
  7. Gotta hold square if x is your handbrake
  8. Finding out this was fanmade after believing it all of 2 minutes hurt my soul a bit... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ijIddV8O3E
  9. So basically, we're dressing up as characters from Grease. Gotcha.
  10. Sir, do you love your country?
  11. Not buying it. His 2013 post is some vague bullshit. The rest are plausible and popular guesses at DLC. Pffftt Mansions and pets. Fuck outta hea.
  12. Chinese food is the devil

    1. Worky Workerson

      Worky Workerson

      every american chinese dish tastes the same...

    2. gtagrl
    3. DuPz0r


      Chinese takeout owners are the devil, not the food. They all come from slums of china and leave the meat out of the fridges too long, making it ridden with bacteria. If you don't get food poisoning from most of them, you'll probably get worms. 


      Look at more upmarket Chinese Cuisine, or find a good recipe online and make it your self,  you will change your mind. P.S. the key flavour is always sesame oil lol.

  13. Awesome pics
  14. That's horrible weev, we would never do that. Just a quick explanation for one of the more complicated parts for a Drippy Trip At this point in the race, you can either ride the tube, turn right and take the primary route, or fall to the water bellow, turn left and take the secondary. The primary route is longer but allows for more speed as route 2 is in mostly water. Also, the the three ppl who disliked this race without explanation, you're a pussy. Way to be a pussy, pussies.