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  1. Made this emblem a bit ago but can't get it to work on SC (just shows the R* logo). Maybe in a week or two it will decide to show up:




  2. Everytime I go to Rockstar's updated website I think "wow this sucks. who thought this was good?"

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    2. The Goon

      The Goon

      i havent been keeping up with any of the news. what did they do wrong this time aside from making all the gta updates online exclusives and not focusing on actual story dlc?

    3. Qdeathstar


      Who cares about ea/rockstar anymore?

    4. TreeFitty


      @Goon we're talking about their website. Not GTA V.

  3. I had thought about making a stunt-type video just driving around the map going off jumps and crashing into things with the van set to the Scooby-Doo theme. Dumb things like that usually get decent hits.
  4. Cuz I didn't spam-whore it everywhere? o_o
  5. Two more... I forgot to color the wheels for the other pics. I'm still trying to find a pretty-straight road along trees and such to recreate the cliche footage of the Mystery Machine driving around.
  6. Yes, I did the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine and dressed up as Shaggy for pics. #noshame
  7. Works for me. I have a feeling we are going back to the old simple status update.
  8. I just feel like admitting that I still have that Eiffel 65 CD somewhere.
  9. The status update issue was explained right above your post. What doesn't work in the RDR forum?
  10. Oh cool. They're releasing a PS4 controller with classic camo and not that shit digital camo. #mewant


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    2. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      Wouldn't you lose them easily?

    3. The Goon

      The Goon

      I want a PS4 controller in the style of a PS1 controller. is that too much to ask for 

    4. TreeFitty


      Considering what they will end up charging for it: yes, it is too much. :P 

  11. Check the general topic. Specifically page 2.
  12. Prequel.
  13. For anyone that missed Psy's comment on my status, the forum was upgraded and caused some issues with the status update mod we are using. So either the guy that made the mod has to update his stuff or we have to go back to the more basic status updates we had. You can still post status updates from your profile.
  14. ^that. I haven't been using the leak map. Just what we see and where I think things are. Dup was using it but stopped. Even if that map is legit, it could have changed a lot from when it was originally posted. Hell, the map Rockstar has right now can still change since they have a year to go. That's more reason for me to look away from it. I did try placing things like the river (I think it would be the smaller one far left named "little creek") but when it came to placing screenshots things weren't quite working out. I think that's where Dup got frustrated and gave up. There's quite a bit from what we've seen in the trailer that doesn't seem to match up to the map for me. The forest hills next to the oil field and along that plain seem to flow right into the mountains behind with no river between them. Might just be the perspective but that's the way it looks. I've also tried finding railroad tracks along the oil field but haven't. Of course they need to be nice, smooth inclines/declines but the hills around that final shot are quite bumpy for a train. Again, I could be wrong and things are there but hidden well. This is the fun part. Also, for anyone that missed the GTA V mapping, here's the topic and here's a short roundup of me and Dup's maps.