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  1. So I wonder if this means the RDR2 hype train will leave the station soon since they just freed "returning player exclusives" to everyone in GTAO. Kind of like when IV's expansions came to PS3 finally and when Xbox players got the PS3 exclusives for RDR. As if they are cleaning house and making people happy before moving on to the next big project... Hmmm...

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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      im beginning to think it might of been delayed and they're scared to tell us :lol:... its been 6 months since their trailer...

    3. TreeFitty


      Delay? What's that? Never heard of it............... :crazy:

    4. Jizzy


      Cant call it a delay when they do it to get the early pre orders every time.

  2. I feel like we need to make faux-ad images for this stuff. Basically instead of making "leaked" screenshots we do over-the-top stuff like ^all that^.
  3. but... ORLY?
  4. Members have definitely met up irl. Guys in the UK probably did since the whole country is the size of a few US states. I think some people in the states met up a few years ago. Can't remember who but we started thinking about doing an iGTA get together. Obviously that plan was a success... edit: Actually I think it was Stoic and someone else. They met in Tampa or somewhere in Florida. Might have been Heartless...
  5. Let's sit down by the fire with our Wayne Gretzky dolls and sip on maple syrup, eh?


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    2. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      I'd ask for an Aussie one, but our flag looks like about a dozen others. 

    3. TreeFitty


      I thought about a UK one but it would be a pain finding shapes to fit into the letters to make all the lines.

    4. Ku Zi Mu

      Ku Zi Mu

      Should read igt'eh

  6. This topic is for media outlets spouting bullshit.
  7. Yeah Psy did that much when he added the RDR2 section.
  8. We can't actually do anything over there right now as far as the forums/accounts. After the last server move things got a little messed up. Psy was going to redo iRD and possibly use this forum or start a whole new iGTA account network but I think he got distracted with life.
  9. Am I the only one more interested in the drones rather than the half time show/whole damn super bowl? o_o

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    2. gtagrl


      omg someone here knows who Patrick Marleau is! :o I'm shocked...


      Yes, the drones were very cool. So was the half-time show. So was the come-from-behind ftw. This might be the only whole game of American football that I watch all year. 

    3. Qdeathstar


      i didn't realize lady gaga sung a few of those songs..... 

    4. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      I've been following the Sharks most of his career so I'd hope I know who Marleau is. 

  10. If there is, we might be one of the first to find it. There's plenty of room for more pips where the emblems are shown. Looks like we could have 150 at least. More if the pips form into more than one row. We need to find out... There's definitely more logo parodies I want to do.
  11. Looks good in-game:
  12. Done and done. Put the white one back but then realized you had made it gray.
  13. I think we definitely take top spot for variety. And these are all legit/useable emblems. edit: yeah I noticed that. I think I'm going to make it active so I can save it and redo it.
  14. Catalog/showcase of emblems available for Crew themes or whatever. I'll admit my dream is to make a Kroll Show style intro with all the iGTA emblem variants. <these ones> are there but not showing up on SC yet... Currently 53 available emblems. Main logo colors Main logo altered Font fun Other iGTA emblems Other emblems
  15. Added a light gray version if white is too bright.