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  1. Gotta love it when GTAO glitches and gives you easier daily objectives than the ones you had.


    Even better when the capture lobby I join is with one other guy who is also there for the objective and neither one of us care to actually play the game.

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    2. TreeFitty




      For that one I host the Lazer one at the Sandy Shores airport. Usually get someone to join.

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      try what i did for a short time on my babes account... create jobs for those daily objectives... call it "Quick Capture Contend" and in the description say, "easy daily objective grind for those who need it"... it didn't take long for someone to join...


      or perhaps it was the babe-alicious name :unsure:... i do still get the occasional "what are you doing?" texts, or people following me or pulling up next to me wanting me to hop in... they meet a swift death eventually lol... catching them off guard... this bitch doesn't play nice with others...

    4. TreeFitty


      I actually have a bunch of those types of jobs. I made a rally race at the horse track with walls to keep you in the middle where the checkpoints are. No communication required.

  2. Didn't think of this until now: I also wonder if this is going to be a 2-part thing. They'll put out the second part closer to RDR2 release as an epic finale before they abandon GTAO.
  3. From the looks of it they are trying to add almost every GTA vehicle ever into GTAO. There's definitely plenty of vehicles left to add. And people will drool over every single one.
  4. Was wondering why a porn star was trending on twitter. And apparently this is why:

  5. "Every game with a microtransaction system is a player revolt waiting to happen."


    Well this seems a little relevant to GTA Online/Rockstar Games...



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    2. Jizzy


      They could have thrown in a speed upgrade 

    3. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      Microtransactions are fine in a free to play game, or if they're just cosmetic items like they are in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. However, if I pay full price for a game I expect to get the whole game. EA had to back track very quickly after the Battlefront 2 debacle. 

    4. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i like potatoes!!

  6. Anyone else getting 2 ads before watching a YouTube video? Just started today. Happening for almost all videos. Even ones with low views.

    1. gtagrl


      Adblocker Plus on my desktop takes care of that, so haven't seen it myself.
      Is this on your mobile app, or what browser are you using?

    2. TreeFitty


      IE. Did it on two different computers. Still doing it for many videos. Chrome seems alright.


      I was starting to think that was YT's new strategy for paying the creators more money. Would be a LOT of pissed off people.

    3. gtagrl


      IE sucks donkey balls. I am avoiding Edge too.

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    2. TreeFitty
    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      it read just like the first article :lol:...

    4. TreeFitty


      I only skimmed the first. Didn't even bother with the second since I assumed it was the same shit. :P

  7. Transform Races Now Available
  8. That post was made almost 2 years ago.
  9. I was thinking about doing something like this but I've been quite busy lately. I wouldn't be able to make pretty mountain and tree images, though.
  10. That's why you watermark the shit out of things. And not the hilariously obvious ways some people do where it looks like a designer handbag pattern overlayed over the image to a point you can't see what the hell the image is. Little subtle ones scattered around that only you know where they are unless someone REALLY looks for them... or has a higher contrast/lighter screen...
  11. Not who I was thinking of but a good candidate. His Agent K voice in MIB3 has a similar (but lighter) drawl and depth.
  12. Looks like it:
  13. I was hoping someone who cared would catalog weapons since I don't know shit. I kept the weapon page at iRD pretty general.
  14. 7-11 breakfast: Nesquik+Protein, Peaches in juice, fudge brownie, and a M&M ice cream bar. #thuglife

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    2. TreeFitty
    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i had peanut butter crackers for breakfast :mellow:...


      about to have some authentic mexican food for lunch tho :bones:

    4. gtagrl


      The important food groups are covered: chocolate. (Y)