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  1. Exactly They think after last time on twitter they can generate the same hype twice... Questionable. I'm looking forward to a trailer, if it's any less i will be disappointed.
  2. I have PSVR, so im open to the idea of trying this in VR if it does make it to PS4. I dont have a working PS3 (literally burnt through 4 of them) because it's the most unreliable console i've ever owned. So the prospect of playing L.A. Noire again on a new platform appeals to me.
  3. I just got a PS4 pro, i am so getting L.A. Noire in 4k! I genuinly miss playing this game.
  4. Sorry i missed crew night. My PS4 suddenly decided to stop reading discs... Lucky for me i got paid recently, so i bought a PS4 Pro. Some Destiny 2 bundle coz it was the same price as the console alone. Looks like i'll be joining Casey & Jason on the quest for the purple boots!!! 😂 Should be here for next crew night!
  5. I have a strong urge to play GTA4's story again. I miss Liberty City.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jizzy


      I've done it 2 or 3 times since V was released. Still good.

    3. gtagrl


      Storyyyy... :drool:


    4. Massacre


      Better story, more missions, and I prefer IV's cast to V's, despite Trevor being a more tame version of me.


      If Rockstar is going to keep wasting time on GTAO instead of moving on to the next real GTA, they might as well make use of their side studios and have one of them remaster GTA IV for PS4. I'll gladly take that over Bethesda's impending remaster of Skyrim for the Atari 2600 and Nintendo Virtual Boy. 

  6. 😎 Geekgasm
  7. Is there going to be a point in the future where this website will transition to an igta6 or just igta.com or does no one give a shit anymore to fund that?  ireddead is good for all of time though.

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    2. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      I'll buy 6 if it still has a decent single player mode. Doubt I'd bother for online only, though.

    3. Massacre


      I wholly expect anything Rockstar does from now on to be ruined by a boring yet shiny online mode full of microtransactions.


      Save up all those gold stars from your classes in Bully 2, you'll need them for that diamond-encrusted rocket-powered slingshot. Skipped all your classes because they weren't fun, just like the rest of the online mode? Start buying Wealthy Caucasian Parent cards to boost your grades enough to buy fucking everything.

    4. Jizzy


      Shark bonds!

  8. Had a busy 3 weeks in Florida. Bavk to reality now though... I hate my job.

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      welcome back to reality...

    2. gtagrl


      Gotta pay for the trip somehow. Hope you can find something better suited to your skillz down the line. 

  9. Did you just make your 3D printer draw a 2D QD nipple in preparation for a 3D QD nipple?
  10. Yeah probably right there. But that part of the panoramic shot was very sketchy. It moved so fast that there's a lot of covered up land and blurred bits around that whole area... That lighter bit between the hills and the grizzly mountain is kind of feathered together. That could be a tall hill too. It's hard to tell. But yeah, it is higher up for sure. Only the tip of the rocks are visible over that hill compared to how tall they sit in the panorama.
  11. I'm pulling at straws here because there isn't much to resemble... But, If there is an active snow weather system or period of time where seasons change, then this could be more convincing. The mountain under the curved red line would be hidden behind this big rock down below. On the smaller image the big brown rock would be just off screen to the left. To be honest, i'm not fully convinced. It could even be Brokeback. But the thing that stands out the most are those twin rocks... They are convincing... Also i noticed that nicely framed house in the canopy.
  12. [Update] The rumours have been verified. RDR2 will be shown in 4k in the "reveal" of the Xbox One/Two Scorpio. But wasn't confirmed whether or not it would be at E3. "We recently received a partial list of planned 4K titles for the next Xbox, dubbed "Project Scorpio," and we're now able to fully confirm its authenticity." http://m.windowscentral.com/forza-motorsport-7-4k-project-scorpio-xbox
  13. The map was just a speculation "Leak", this has a legitmate source, look in the link. And yeah, i feel like R* have been paid handsomely just to show a small Segmant of 4k gameplay on Microsoft's system. Which will look exactly the same on PS4 Pro. But i keep getting GTA IV DLC flashbacks, and the PTSD kicks in! I will not wait a whole year ever again!