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  1. I think the theme came together naturally this week, just because it's GTA all over. No planning needed. The satire bOnEs caught in his video was brilliant, though. Nemo's posts are gold as always. I love what you did with the Cop show thing. Here's my tuppence Oh and before I forget to post these again... thanks for watching!
  2. Sounds legit. Yeah, it's a shame.
  3. Someone "popular" on twitter posted a link about map expansions on GTAForums, claiming it has validity... http://gtaforums.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=findpost&pid=1069013120 Apparently, he posted a lot of this some years ago but posted again recently to brag I guess. I'm not saying it's real by any means, after all, there is no proof. If anything, I don't believe it's real. But it's something cool to chew on, even if it doesn't turn out to be real.
  4. Let me know if it's any good.
  5. Sorry I blew that heli up guys, didn't' realise you were setting up shots.
  6. I can't put crew logos on old jackets, so I can't do FIB. I wish I could, though as I have my Steiner all set up for it.
  7. Most of the Brits start way early anyway. They just don't organise playlists. It's normally me or no-one if I can get on early. I think it's fine just having Tuesday as "Crew Night" and whoever is on before, can play in freemode or whatever until a room gets organised.
  8. Yay, easily my favourite book of all time, has finally started shooting. Speilberg is on set in Birmingham, England atm filming a scene. Here's a very nice concept art for the movie which sums up the character perfectly. Now i have to wait until 2018 for it to come out V.V Back on topic, I'm currently reading YOU by Austin Grossman, Pretty interesting idea, but the writing is a little flat so far...
  9. I had to speak up... Now we just need some sly comments on the melee fighting system and we're good.
  10. Normally most expensive means more features, or more lavish. But i don't think that works in the same way with an MC. The more oily the better lol
  11. I'm half tempted not to buy a clubhouse straight up with this dlc. I want to roll with it, join someone elses clubhouse, work my way up from nothing. Maybe i'm asking to much. I can already picture it, day 1, everyone owns the most expensive clubhouse, and that's the fun over...
  12. I think it will work almost exactly like those VIP missions. 8 players instead of 4 though. So each player can start their own MC and invite players to it. So i dont think it will be a whole crew thing... We'll see.