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  1. Don't think i'll be making it tonight. I feel ill with a headcold, can't focus, and painkillers ain't helping. Sorry guys. Have a good night, i should be on next week. I made a couple of races dring the week, feel free to use hem if you're short of new jobs for the playlist.
  2. R.I.P. Gene Wilder. An amazing actor. :(




  3. I made a multiplatform fig called Disc Jockey. 😎
  4. I got a few snaps this week.
  5. Made a couple of stunt lists. I used some of the updated jobs from last week because there isn't enough new stuff to fill two playlists this week. If we want some old stuff, i guess someone can chuck together a playlist for that impromptu. List 1 http://rsg.ms/2187bd2 WDB-Raton canyon run CB- Around The Bends DO- Del Perro Palooza DUP-Pitfall II WDB-Layin'pipe DUP-MotoCircus 0.5 List 2 http://rsg.ms/aed4213 DUP-Bigfoot's Wood DO- Just Dune It OGB-Do You Even Drirt Disco Inferno DUP-MotoCircus WDB-Tube city 'Merica
  6. I made a couple of stunt races this week. My first stunt creation: Bigfoot's Wood(aka Dick) http://rsg.ms/5fbde9c Pitfall II http://rsg.ms/dccb66b MotoCircus http://rsg.ms/f029242
  7. Just got home from vacation, seen how much new shit is in the creator, had a fuck around with it, and decided i wont have time to make anything for tomorrow. I'll do something for next week instead. 😊
  8. lol
  9. That's good to know, i've enjoyed it so far so knowing it gets better is cool. It's funny actually, i'm on Holiday at the moment up north. we're staying beside the Tynemouth. There's a castle ruin and proiry, which has a Viking reenactment showing how they invaded it at the moment, which will have some historical value to my Son, as well as my own knowledge. I'm taking him to see it tomorrow.
  10. I've been watching this series for the last couple of weeks and i find it pretty cool so far. There's 4 seasons out, a 5th on it's way. I'm only just starting season 3 though. Has anyone else seen it?
  11. I think the key to the stunt creator's success will be using it in a unique way, just like the normal creator for us. But from what it sounds like, none of the creators are in fit state right now. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon. I hope y'all had a good crew night last night, see ya next week.
  12. We need to add Rock Night to the event schedule somewhere along the line. I want to dress as one of KISS lol... I wish guys could wear woman clothing, i'd go for the Dee Snider look lmao. Also Wrestling/Fight Night. Also, here's a couple more suggestions i can think of: Law Enforcement Night - Take the law into your own hands, and dress as cops/medics/doctors/firefighters (if you can pull it off), and track down criminals, collect roadkill, tackle fires. If we can't do it in freemode, we'll have to do it in custom jobs. Vehicle Brand Expo - Whether it's Pegassi, Ferocious or Obey, we all buy vehicles dedicated to that brand, and show them off in a showroom style event. This could be done on multiple crew nights too. Dapper Animals - We sort of Incorporated this into standard crew blue nights in the past. Dress in suits with your favourite animal mask on, and roll with style.
  13. iGTA Presents Going for the high jump! The Shotput Discus Throw The triathlon The 100 metre Can't be the Olympics without Rings iGTA Olympic Wresting (Royal Rumble) Base Jumping And we have a top Three!
  14. S'all good bOnEs, I know you were the person who founded our organised "crew night" back in GTA IV days. So it's understandable that you feel like this big weight is on your shoulders to keep it going. If you need a break from crew nights, or just GTAO in general, then hey, it's all good. We'll all manage just fine, and will be here when you get back. DiO understands too, he was the long term playlist maker. Creating themed playlists each week, scrolling through all those jobs takes it's toll. But honestly, it sounds like you need to get your own life in order at the moment, GTAO organisation is just an extra burden for you. Don't take that in a bad way. It's just you seem stressed with your own problems, and they are your priority. I won't be here next week, but as for the future, i'm happy to keep posting theme night reminders on PSN, create playlists, suggest new themes we haven't tried, and start the theme night threads if need be. As well as continue my quest for Content Creator enlightenment. Twitter on the other hand, i feel like it's wasting more of our time than we need it too. No-one but our crew really cares about what we're posting even if they do click a like or a retweet. Yes, you do get the occasional person that does genuinely like what we do, and if we're lucky, we get a new member. But that is the only thing that makes twitter worth while, in my opinion. Anyway, have a nice break bOnEs.
  15. Oh nice. I had the same idea and made a Track n Field capture at the University track. it's got a couple of activities to partake in if we use our imaginations a bit, and i made a podium as well xD http://rsg.ms/ee35ce7