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  1. S'all good bOnEs, I know you were the person who founded our organised "crew night" back in GTA IV days. So it's understandable that you feel like this big weight is on your shoulders to keep it going. If you need a break from crew nights, or just GTAO in general, then hey, it's all good. We'll all manage just fine, and will be here when you get back. DiO understands too, he was the long term playlist maker. Creating themed playlists each week, scrolling through all those jobs takes it's toll. But honestly, it sounds like you need to get your own life in order at the moment, GTAO organisation is just an extra burden for you. Don't take that in a bad way. It's just you seem stressed with your own problems, and they are your priority. I won't be here next week, but as for the future, i'm happy to keep posting theme night reminders on PSN, create playlists, suggest new themes we haven't tried, and start the theme night threads if need be. As well as continue my quest for Content Creator enlightenment. Twitter on the other hand, i feel like it's wasting more of our time than we need it too. No-one but our crew really cares about what we're posting even if they do click a like or a retweet. Yes, you do get the occasional person that does genuinely like what we do, and if we're lucky, we get a new member. But that is the only thing that makes twitter worth while, in my opinion. Anyway, have a nice break bOnEs.
  2. Oh nice. I had the same idea and made a Track n Field capture at the University track. it's got a couple of activities to partake in if we use our imaginations a bit, and i made a podium as well xD http://rsg.ms/ee35ce7
  3. I know how i'm dressing... XD (jk)
  4. Nice shots all round! Btw, Motorcross night was my suggestion, but i wont be there for the 2nd of August, i'm on vacation until the following week.
  5. Found some time to post some BMX snaps
  6. BMX Warehouse: http://rsg.ms/57c3e91 BMX Downtown: http://rsg.ms/f00d323
  7. I added it to my library, but didn't download it after seeing the trailer it had on PSN. That didn't really sell the game to me at all. I may download it in the future, but i still conciser SR3 the finest game hey ever made.
  8. Well i wont be making any more content till they fix the creator. you can't align props anymore. They can't even be placed directly on the ground anymore, they pop upward a foot or two when you place them!
  9. I have clips, i just don't have time to go through them. Nice snaps, that turned out to be an awesome night!
  10. Hey wait, gtagrl and Truth were there? Damn i was up 24 hours and still didn't see you guys! lol What an awesome night it turned it to be. I was a little bit disappointed that there was no content creator update, because i got on at least 12 hours before crew night, i could have made something. But R* has probably given us one of the best updates to date, with tons of new Stunt levels to play.
  11. The content is still good, just without the content creator stuff unfortunately.
  12. I'm thinking stunt races have their own rules and creator too. There is also way more than 100 props in some of these R* created tracks aslo.
  13. Yeah sure. So Stunt Night August 9th or later?
  14. So we have a new female Prime Minister. Feels like another Maggie Thatcher regime is incoming. #Thatcherism


    Not a bad thing really.

    1. Qdeathstar


      I would think that everyone dropping out of the race to become the leader of your country is not a good sign.

    2. DuPz0r


      Nah it's not. No one wants the  responsibility of getting our country on it's feet independent from EU. But Mrs May seems to fit the job as best as a PM can in these circumstances.

  15. Don't scrap it. The new content might give us some new ways of making Olympic themed jobs.