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  1. [Update] The rumours have been verified. RDR2 will be shown in 4k in the "reveal" of the Xbox One/Two Scorpio. But wasn't confirmed whether or not it would be at E3. "We recently received a partial list of planned 4K titles for the next Xbox, dubbed "Project Scorpio," and we're now able to fully confirm its authenticity." http://m.windowscentral.com/forza-motorsport-7-4k-project-scorpio-xbox
  2. The map was just a speculation "Leak", this has a legitmate source, look in the link. And yeah, i feel like R* have been paid handsomely just to show a small Segmant of 4k gameplay on Microsoft's system. Which will look exactly the same on PS4 Pro. But i keep getting GTA IV DLC flashbacks, and the PTSD kicks in! I will not wait a whole year ever again!
  3. So apparently RDR2 will be shown at Microsoft's Press Conference at E3 this year according to this... https://www.technobuffalo.com/2017/04/03/red-dead-redemption-2-e3-2017-microsoft-scorpio-4k/ I know what you're thinking... R* at E3, not very likely. I hope to fucking God R* havent sold out and given Microsoft some kind of timed exclusives. The GTA IV DLC'S were the worst thing ever to go through.
  4. I've been down with the flu all week. No signs of it leaving. Really doubt I'll be on tonight; felt like a zombie all day... Face feels like a balloon and im non-stop sneezing. Hopefully next week.
  5. You'll find time once you get into the swing of things. Once your fatherhood begins you will be juggling a much longer daily schedule, but it's a good thing, it will help you make time for everything. It made me less lazy for sure 😂 Good luck dude, Happy Fatherhood! 🎉
  6. Suffering with manflu atm. Couldn't handle playing any games last night unfortunately. Thought i'd feel better by Crew night, but obviously wrong. Hope you guys had fun. Mashing themes together sounds interesting. I started some content creator stuff early in the week, but decided to just wait for the new creator update.
  7. All valid points QD. Especially the cost. I'm not bothered about multitasking myself. Ask the GTA crew members, we usually grab breaks between sessions so that aint a factor for me. VR headsets take not much longer to put on than a pair of headphones btw. The whole point in VR is that it's full immersion, so it's meant to cacoon you and take you away. There will always be TV gaming too. Just like there's still 2D retro style platform games. But VR is the future imo.
  8. I've tried the Rift, Vive, PS VR and smartphone devices, and i'm totally sold on the concept, just not the price, or quality, because i know it has massive potential. Obviously the devices drastically differ in quality, but the top tier ones, are just steps away from something brilliant. For those of you that haven't tried it, or aren't sold on the concept, i will try to explain why VR isn't a gimmick, and why i think it's the future of gaming. When you play a game and it completely changes your senses, you know this is the future. In the same way we went from 2D to 3D. That sense of space you get that with VR, but your mind-space also. You know you are rooted here in your own living space, but your mind is somewhere else. That sense alone can be nauseating and displaced, but you kinda like it, and want to see more, and then more. It's addictive. First of all the games at the moment aren't really that open, so the sense of space is close and claustrophobic, That's probably to do with early hardware limitations, until they unlock it's potential. But with the Horror genre, that's perfect. That's why we see a line-up of scare games right now. So the thing that breaks the laws of traditional gaming, is the extra dimension of physical movement, mixed with the "true 3D perspective". The physical movement now makes "You" the "player", and not just controlling a player. Even FPS games feel simulated conventionally, like your'e remote controlling a person/robot. The phrase "True 3D Perspective" is something i use to describe the sensation of being able to psychically stand still, and still be able to move your head around an object, inspecting it from any angle you wish. This sensation alone feels very real. This is because the VR has two screens that act as two cameras from slightly different angles like eyes. That sense of perspective really tricks your mind in believing your surroundings are really surrounding you, whilst you're in a sense, surrounding an object by circling it with your head. Obviously VR has a long way to go, to iron out it's little issues. Technical things like frame rates, controls and movement. Then aesthetic qualities like freedom/space, graphic quality and resolution fidelity. They will look almost lifelike eventually. And that's why i'd personally let the rich/careless/fans buy up these early models, so that they can fund the future technology. Lucky for me, i have some friends with these VR devices, so I've been able to play around and test them in detail. VR isn't just a gimmick, it's the start of a new revolution in gaming. PS VR is the most affordable, and the quality ins't that much less than the Rift, so if i were to invest early, that would be my choice. Resident Evil 7 is by far the best game out for any VR device at the moment in my opinion. Very scary/jumpy, and the environments are detailed and graphically beautiful. The resolution of the PS VR could be better though. Future of VR? I think the next big step for VR is multiplayer Experiences. Imagine games like GTA where you can all stand around talking properly, but you can move your body , face and body language freely. When chatting with friends they actually face you, and feel like they're looking at you and conversing with their body language. And co-op games with VR would also be another amazing way to share game stories with your friends.
  9. Ooo mystery box? DiO's Fetish Crate? I'm in.
  10. Nice to see the two of you shit faced together. I should be meeting with DiO at the end of summer if all goes to plan. I'll also be in Orlando in Summer if anyone wants to meat 👉👌...?
  11. I'm 6 hours ahead so i should be on tonight after Valentines is finished. Depends if i decide to chose crew night over something else... Hmm we'll see 😂.
  12. Same here. Having a meal. Might be on for a bit though.
  13. I'm currently playing this atm. Been live streaming my entire first playthrough. It is a decent game from what I've seen so far... I love the fact they kept the "Safe/Save room". That small pocket of calm and salvation amongst the craziness really gives you time to reflect, and of course get your breath back.
  14. Nice collage of logos lol. There's probably a limit but we're probably still way off hitting it.