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  1. Nice to see the two of you shit faced together. I should be meeting with DiO at the end of summer if all goes to plan. I'll also be in Orlando in Summer if anyone wants to meat 👉👌...?
  2. I'm 6 hours ahead so i should be on tonight after Valentines is finished. Depends if i decide to chose crew night over something else... Hmm we'll see 😂.
  3. Same here. Having a meal. Might be on for a bit though.
  4. I'm currently playing this atm. Been live streaming my entire first playthrough. It is a decent game from what I've seen so far... I love the fact they kept the "Safe/Save room". That small pocket of calm and salvation amongst the craziness really gives you time to reflect, and of course get your breath back.
  5. Nice collage of logos lol. There's probably a limit but we're probably still way off hitting it.
  6. What a night that turned out to be! I had fun.
  7. Im dressing as Zakk Wylde. I made an outfit for him. I love that Sleeping Dogs outfit. Still shame about the beardlessness and lack of long hairstyles in GTAO...
  8. I've never played with PALs, didnt know you made Slash. He was the first iconic Rockstar that came to mind. And Rock night has been on the cards before PALs even existed... 😂 I thought I'd make a KISS character as backup, Slash is overrated anyway lol We need a full Kiss band, that was the main reason we wanted to do this night way back.
  9. Nice shot man. Been looking forward to rock night for fuckin ages lol. I'm still pissed there isn't any real beards, that would be complimentary. I finally got a week off work for the first time in ages. Just need to re-adjust to a normal sleeping pattern, and i'll be on GTAO late this week, so i might see some of you online.
  10. It's probably just because the game is old now and we have to try harder to enjoy ourselves is all. I think theme night brings more people in, lowrider night proved that. Can we get Rock Night in the lineup, that's been a long time waiting...?
  11. Now that the stunt props are available in the normal creator, i may be able to go back and put floors in some of the interiors that weren't solid. I could possible build them up a bit using the advanced prop placement tool now... 😊 Watch this space.
  12. lol i know that now, that's a three year old post from ps3 days. Thanks anyway 😂
  13. lol Nice shots DiO. And yeah I did change my appearance slightly, suprised you noticed.
  14. I can't do Mondays. I joined in early last night, but that was a one off.