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  1. This one is hard to tell, a lot f the peaks look similar. But if you visualise what it could look like from either angle, those features line up. Thanks for helping Fitty. That really helped me visualise it. I think i have a good idea of what this area looks like now. Might have to construct a map
  2. The map was leaked/posted before we knew the name of Mafia 3's world name as far as i know. Take2 is a sister company. They could share ideas, names etc. I'm not saying I think it real, just not to rule it out yet.
  3. Yeah, we may only be seeing a small portion of the map at this point. This could well be a way to control our overall perception - stop us figuring out the entire map this early on, after how we all figured out the GTA V map lol Jizzy, we dont know that for sure. We all thought fake first because no one expected the game to be a RDR2 or a sequel/prequel. That is why we totally discredited the map. Now that we have this new information, the map does have a chance of being legit. Even if it is in a really rough state. Why would someone go to all that effort which is a very detailed map, to make it look rough, right at the end? I mean, even the land has depth and topology.
  4. How about this?
  5. I plan, with the help of you all, to map RDR2's world based on screenshots and footage. We did it with GTA V and it turned out pretty accurate. Let's do it again! It's still too early to tell, and i might be barking up the wrong tree. But i have to start somewhere... And if we were to include that "leaked map", id' say it's somewhere in the heartlands. Although the river looks a lot more twisty, more like the one to the right of the map if i'm honest.
  6. True. But the stagecoach design is definitely Hateful Eight. I remember it.
  7. Is that a reference to the hateful 8?
  8. Oh ok, nice. I'm gonna start a mapping thread. See if we can piece any of the locations in the trailer together. Feel free to help if you want. If you don't want to know anything, stay clear.
  9. Ok lets do this. Let the speculation start rolling. Was this map real or fake? Can we pinpoint locations on it? I'll start!
  10. Maybe. But they all look the same build. I don't see Bill either. And, this has to be Zancudo over a century earlier... Also, I may just make this my wallpaper.
  11. So there's seven riders, but not the seven from the artwork. Could this mean we chose who is in our posse...?!
  12. Did anyone else think Zancudo with that river shot?
  13. I implore you... OMG IT WAS SHORt BUT BEAUTIFUL!
  14. We all know how uncompressed R*'s official website videos are... That topped with traffic overload means lag. I'll be watching it on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/user/RockstarGames