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  1. I think I prefer the Turismo out of the two, but it depends on what modding options are available. Now do I put them with my supercars - which I was planning on doing - or with my classics... Such difficult and meaningless decisions.
  2. It's the same with penises and crumbs of old food.
  3. But you can't like, y'know, add glitter and shit to your messages unless you have several dozen malware infested apps installed.
  4. The only social media I ever really used (used as in signed up to and looked at once perhaps every six months) was Myspace back in my silly teen years, I guess I thought it might make me more popular with girls. Heh, sad to think that was getting on for 15 years ago now. I've never touched Twitter. A few years ago I had a Facebook page, it lasted for a few months then I deleted it as I realised I hate talking to people, especially people I haven't spoken to since school. Why give them a means to get in contact with me. Whatever else passes as social media nowadays I have no idea, all this fucking snapchat shit...
  5. Does look like shit. Even looking at the photos of the real car it looks just as bad, there's a pic of the "chassis" and it looks like the electric car they made on Top Gear a few years back called Geoff.
  6. It's the Hijack somethingorother. I've seen it named in several YT vids but I refuse to watch those as they are always the same; 9 minutes of self-promotion and selling shark cards, and then 1 minute of actual content at the end with little to no new information given, just vague speculation and opinion. Isn't Hijak based on the Fisker company? Doesn't resemble either of their two cars. - Apparently it's based on a VUHL 05, from a Mexican car company which i've not heard of until now.
  7. I'm also going to pre-emptively fuck R* for favouring microtransactions in the online component of Dead Red Dedemption - buy some gold spinner horseshoes for your best horse, make sure it's insured too in case some twat in a hot air balloon bombs the shit out of it. Get your Bison Bullion bags today, do it now kiddies. And other such phrases shall be uttered, merriment was had by all.
  8. Yeah i'd expect it to look similar to the Countach TBH since the Turismo is based on the F40 and they were around at similar times, that and the GTA III era cars weren't that distinctive since it was R*s first foray into the 3D world, the vehicles were very vague and not really based on any real-world cars - well except maybe the Banshee, that hasn't changed much over the years.
  9. Nice, Ferarri F40 incoming. TBH the most interesting thing I read there was about the militarised vehicles, wonder what they might be... probably just more stock vehicles with machine guns bolted to the back but we might get lucky and get something remotely unique like the last batch.
  10. I picked up a cheap headset - - but the sound is too bassy and it makes the audio seem muffled, they don't have the crispness of my Philips headphones which I also use when I don't have to do any speaking. A decent enough set for what I want as I don't generally bother speaking to anyone (Jizzy fucked that one up though) - it's just that minor thing that bugs me.
  11. Eh, getting riddled by NPCs and avoiding the stupid AI drivers as you drive to one of five predesignated locations is only fun for so long... still it's not as if I need the cash now what with the four garages of Retro Elegys i've just sold, it was more of an investment - It's a functional vehicle with a USP which is more than can be said for 90% of the vehicles you can buy. It's a shame they haven't added the Skylift into Online, it would've gone well with the Heists update.
  12. Yeah I got a cargobob for the car exports - so much easier than having to swerve between traffic whose AI decides its safer to stop dead in the road and get out of their cars as the bullets start to fly while aimbotting NPCs riddle your car with bullets from half a mile away. I got the armoured Boxville too, was wondering if it's better than the Insurgent... I think it is because of the plow on the front. But i'm probably biased because I own one, still at least I don't have to complete a heist to unlock it.
  13. Yup the Buzzy was my first major investment, it's extremely versatile and doesn't incite the same hatred in other players as the Hydra does when they see the jet icon on the minimap. Did anyone get in on the latest dupe-fest? Now have 4 garages filled with retro Elegys waiting to be sold.
  14. They've still yet to add proper beards.
  15. I was thinking for the next update i'd like to see something completely different; a greater variety of boats, from new speedboats up to pilotable yachts and military cutters that are bigger than the tug but smaller than the superyacht. They could also make the superyachts less obsolete perhaps although i'm not sure how that'd be possible. Right now the ocean seems to be something that isn't looked at in GTAO - unless it's for a mission - and GTA V's water physics are so nice it seems a shame to waste. Rockstar are a least getting more adventurous with their vehicles as the aquatic cars et al. have shown.