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  1. The only news I hear about the next Bethesda games are stupid sites claiming they're either cancelled or blaming a previous Bethesda game for its delay - it's Fallout's fault that ES games are 'delayed' and it's ES' fault that Fallout games are 'delayed'. Basically if a developer isn't talking non stop about their next game - even if it's release is a long time away - then it's been cancelled and we should all give up hope. Same with R*, it's Red Dead's fault that GTA VI is 'delayed' (nothing to do with R*s new found love for microtransactions of course.) I wish I could smack these overexaggerating, drama seeking, sensationalist editors.
  2. Anyone seen GTA Series Vids LA Noire VR playthrough? It's fucking gold.

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      fuck yea i have! 




      i love gta-series, my favorite R* group outside of us... they're legit, no bullshit rumors either... the only thing i hate is they support that dumbass gtamen guy by featuring him all the time, and/or hosting his streams... that dude's life revolves around R*, it's kind of pathetic... but it's good for business i guess...

    2. TreeFitty


      I watched a few YT vids of VR gameplay. I didn't realize how much movement or actions you could show in LAN. Dancing, flipping the bird, etc. The action parts seemed clumsy but overall it actually looked kind of cool.

    3. DuPz0r


      Yeah it's hilarious. 😂

  3. Bethesda games don't need help crashing, they can do it perfectly well by themselves.
  4. Do you have a mod that gives you unlimited building materials or makes it cost nothing to build? Because otherwise fuck that.
  5. Anyone bothered to find this RDII revolver in Online? Don't know if I can be arsed to load up GTA to see what the fuss is about.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. gtagrl


      I got it done at the beach, lots of NPCs and cops there.

    3. Bronson


      And to be clear they have to be headshots with the revolver right?


      Nevermind just finished it. It was fun but should have been longer. Can’t wait to do stuff like that in RDR2. Just hope they’ll be longer in it.

    4. Pobjason


      me and the wife got it done, it doesnt take that long

  6. Yes it's on PS4. I think I have a mod that just sets the build limit to always be empty. If we're talking mods there's a weather redux one I like that adds some nice atmospheric radiation storms too. The sky goes a deep rusty red, quite eerie.
  7. I think in every one of my playthroughs my settlements have been built out of wooden structures and junk fences, so this time for Nordhagen Beach I endeavoured to use something else - concrete. I still ended up using the junk fences mixed with tyres and the spiked barricades from Far Harbour. The USO mod adds so much shit to use, you can places faction NPCs, different merchants, animals, it's pretty nice.
  8. I always keep him so he can chill all of my nuka colas.
  9. I'm curious, has anyone actually ever delivered Drinkin' Buddy to the Hotel Rexford? I never have, it just means you've got the quest stuck in your list for ever more.
  10. We've been asking this for three years or more, never gonna happen now. The Hermes and Hustler are returning, probably in a few months as part of the dripfeed. Plus lots of other 'normal' cars, shame you won't be able to drive them for more than five minutes without being vapourised.
  11. And they're going to ruin 90% of them by adding pointless weaponry and other gimmicky features to them and charging 3 mil + per vehicle, wish they'd give us the option for a standard version at a reasonable price. I just want to buy nice looking cars without machine guns and jet boosters protruding from every panel.
  12. Everything is just reskinned crates, only partly unique one was I/E. Dunno how crates will factor into this though, perhaps we'll have to steal vanloads of baked beans and other tinned goods for doomsday. It seems like most people will be spending the majority of their freeroam lives underground after this update with the amount of stupid shit in addition to the stupid shit already available. Will we have to buy a new bunker though or will it be an addition to our existing bunkers? I don't know how many bunkers I need or want. I remembered we have the snow to look forward to over christmas, so I might log in just for that. Probably get boring after 5 minutes of being blown up by jetpacks and rocket artillery though.
  13. It could be the last big update, but I don't think they'll stop adding bits here and there... Too much lost profit if they do. Drip feed content will probably carry them into February and then the microtransaction-funded hype train for RDII begins. I was thinking of coming back and grinding for a Hunter or Nokota, but this has made me completely disinterested.
  14. Yep - jetpacks, flying cars, some shitty looking futuristic tank...quite a snorefest. Won't be returning for this. (One thing I did see was the Deluxo is making a return, but it'll probably be fitted with dual railguns and a warp drive and cost 7 mil.)
  15. Another overly military-themed update for GTAO... Huzzah, just what we needed.

    1. gtagrl


      Flying cars and jetpacks tho!1!1!!1!!

    2. Jizzy


      Seems like this is the SA cheat code dlc