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  1. Red Dead 2 delayed?! Who'da thunk it? Didn't see that one coming.

  2. Yeah I remember seeing videos about that when it first came out; he does politely ask you to wait after all. Can't think of any other games that do that, but then I don't play many games.
  3. I thought it was a western, or has that news been confirmed as fake? Please don't make me say those two words together, I don't want to be one of those people.
  4. *Rockstar offices, 1pm sharp* Dan Houser is sitting at the head of a table, his mouth grimaced, a cigar clamped rigidly within his furled lips. He gets up and rifles through some papers agitatedly, his back to the full length window looking out over Broadway below giving him a silhouetted and menacing demeanour. Hunched over the table, smoke emanating periodically from his cigar in synchronicity as he exhales deeply through his nose, he shakes his head and drops the papers to the desk, then looks scornfully at the executives assembled before him. Several bow their heads in either a gesture of reverance or shame, Houser looks towards the man sitting closest to him on his left, wincing and barely stopping himself from biting through the cigar. The man, paralysed with fear, is unable to avert his gaze from Houser, his sheepish, pleading eyes peering up at him from behind his thick rimmed glasses. Houser turns his attention to the group. "So, who's responsible for this... this fuck up? Who is gonna be held accountable for these lost millions?" A man in a dull grey suit covering a damp, sweaty shirt nervously raises his hand. "Sir, we had no idea such a thing was going to happen, there was no indication of any imminent danger. All the trends showed we were going to have free reign over this market." Houser looks at him intently, saying nothing. "This, this game... if you can even call it that came out of the blue, we were completely unprepared for it...we had no..." Houser raises his hand. "Ok, i've heard enough... you call yourselves executives? How could you let this unknown company crawl out of the woodwork and produce something so dangerous? You fucked up bad with Far Cry 5, and now this? What the fuck am I paying you for? You're meant to predict this, prevent this, but no... you fucks... you couldn't predict Online would be so successful, I should've seen that as a warning sign." Houser turns to the window, fully silhouetted now. "And now, now there's only one thing left to do..." *Red Dead 2 release day* "Log in to RDOnline over the next week and claim your $300,000 in gold bullion, plus a limited edition pink ten gallon hat with ostritch feather sticking from it."
  5. I'd like to see a range of figures from different game series but all of a uniform size and quality - I have a couple of Ezios but they are much bigger than the Vader I have. It would be nice if I could have a John Marston, Tommy Vercetti, Ezio, Edward Kenway, Vader, Stormtrooper, etc living peacefully and in harmony with a somewhat realistic scale between the lot of them. How about a range of game protagonist themed dildos... Or is that already a thing? I can imagine someone being knobbled by Vader's helmet.
  6. Nice, this is going to increase your sex toy production exponentially. That 18 inches should really come in handy for some of the larger builds too, wonder what fiendish, many-pronged designs you have planned.
  7. I can never be excited by social media... but yeah that guy is a cunt.
  8. Yeah it looks alright, might get it somewhere down the line when it's a bit cheaper same as I did with Witcher 3.
  9. I think I prefer the Turismo out of the two, but it depends on what modding options are available. Now do I put them with my supercars - which I was planning on doing - or with my classics... Such difficult and meaningless decisions.
  10. It's the same with penises and crumbs of old food.
  11. But you can't like, y'know, add glitter and shit to your messages unless you have several dozen malware infested apps installed.
  12. The only social media I ever really used (used as in signed up to and looked at once perhaps every six months) was Myspace back in my silly teen years, I guess I thought it might make me more popular with girls. Heh, sad to think that was getting on for 15 years ago now. I've never touched Twitter. A few years ago I had a Facebook page, it lasted for a few months then I deleted it as I realised I hate talking to people, especially people I haven't spoken to since school. Why give them a means to get in contact with me. Whatever else passes as social media nowadays I have no idea, all this fucking snapchat shit...
  13. Does look like shit. Even looking at the photos of the real car it looks just as bad, there's a pic of the "chassis" and it looks like the electric car they made on Top Gear a few years back called Geoff.
  14. It's the Hijack somethingorother. I've seen it named in several YT vids but I refuse to watch those as they are always the same; 9 minutes of self-promotion and selling shark cards, and then 1 minute of actual content at the end with little to no new information given, just vague speculation and opinion. Isn't Hijak based on the Fisker company? Doesn't resemble either of their two cars. - Apparently it's based on a VUHL 05, from a Mexican car company which i've not heard of until now.
  15. I'm also going to pre-emptively fuck R* for favouring microtransactions in the online component of Dead Red Dedemption - buy some gold spinner horseshoes for your best horse, make sure it's insured too in case some twat in a hot air balloon bombs the shit out of it. Get your Bison Bullion bags today, do it now kiddies. And other such phrases shall be uttered, merriment was had by all.