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  1. Ooooh, i'm somewhat intrigued... i've been meaning to get back into GTAO (then again, i've been meaning to do lots of things.) A big DLC that's about stealing cars? They should rename this series to Grand Theft Auto since it seems to be going in that direction.
  2. Ooooh shit, that's what that update was? I saw the file pop up, but I haven't touched Fallout in a while. Fuck, i'mma have to finish The Witcher 3 now and fire the commonwealth back up.
  3. Yeah when I saw that thing on the wiki it nearly made me vomit, Onine is becoming more and more outlandish with its vehicles. "Hey it's colourful and futuristic, we can charge a ridiculous price for it and everyone will want one!"
  4. Confirmed by everyone who isn't Rockstar; so no, not really, just assumptions based on character likenesses.
  5. $250,000 for the 3 year anniversary is ridiculous, R* couldn't even make it a measly million. They might as well not have bothered.
  6. I tend not to read reviews, but i've seen playthroughs of it and it does seem like a buggy PoS, so that's my opinion. Not saying it's a bad game by any measure, it's just hampered by minor things that gradually mount up to become unbearably annoying. Still, nothing game breaking, just silly things that will probably make you laugh a few times until you've seen it so much it makes you cry.
  7. From what i've seen of this game it's a glitchy, bug-ridden piece of shit with ridiculously bad AI and clunky controls. However the cutscenes look impressive and the characters are somewhat likeable. The story - the bit of it i've watched - is your pretty standard tale of revenge. The extra stuff seems like it was taken straight out of any Ubisoft game; go to a district and interact with something to uncover that area of map, fuck up an area's productivity until the boss comes out to fight you. It's something I may pick up eventually when it's cheap enough, although i've still not picked up the Witcher 3, there's something offputting about that game to me too.
  8. I think Dupz earlier annotations were more with the leaked map in mind, but the newer maps look to be just taken from what we know from the few screencaps we have. Of course we're seeing such a small area it could be a tiny, insignificant part of the map, and we still don't know where the town or the Zancudo river area are in relation to this.
  9. Shame we can't place the town or the Zancudo river in relation to that. They feel somewhat isolated.
  10. One thing that bugs me about the credibility of that map is the rorschach-esque mirrored island at the bottom right, of course that won't be the map we see in game if it turns out to be real, but why is it there?
  11. Since we know the oil derricks are to the right of the posse and your "Grizzly" mountain is also in that direction can we assume that the rider mounting the horse in the barn is at or near the derricks?
  12. Pretty sure the loner is coming from roughly the opposite direction of the posse due to the two butte profiles. If anything I was thinking it could be from one mission that doesn't end too well, be I also thought it might be to do with the derricks, but he's heading the wrong way for that.
  13. I'm still hoping it isn't genuine, but it is looking slightly more credible. Going to repost this in here as it seems more pertinent to this topic; The mountain profile has a distinctive flat section at 0:32 (centre right above the mule) and 0:57 (far right, to the right of ze pointy butte) the peaks either side of the flat section don't quite match but different viewpoints, angles, perspective etc. could account for that. Same mountain profile at 0:36 above the tree, seems to closely match with that of 0:57.
  14. The light on the telegraph pole in the shop scene - is it a gas lamp or electric? I can't see any wires running from it but it looks too small to be a gas lamp. There's also one in the vulture scene.
  15. Looking at those vultures pick at the corpse frame by frame is pretty impressive, the animations and AI seems very lifelike... and also the blood spurts. Lol, spurts.