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  1. I really wanna play FO4 again. Problem is i've only just got round to taking the GTA disc out of the drive and putting AC Syndicate back in, so i'm committed to that now.
  2. R* definitely have a hardon for the stunt race pieces.
  3. Sounds like you've entered another dimension, perhaps it's for the best.
  4. I'll laugh merrily the day I hear Pieface has had offspring. Your tales are truly legendary Mr. Billibob.
  5. Just read that myself actually.
  6. Those blue/purple boundary lines are annoying though, keep thinking they're rivers.
  7. Excuse my shit skills, just adding something else to that;
  8. I'm guessing we saw a repeater carbine somewhere in the trailer, a lot of those looked too short for rifles. Did one of the gang members behind the tree have a sawnoff?
  9. Ok you're hired, you're now in charge of cataloguing and archiving weapons from the trailers and screenshots. Was it the Schofield or the LeMat that had the shotgun type barrel beneath the main one? It was in RDR but didn't function. Must've been the LeMat.
  10. If not younger than that even, i'd say 13+ he'd probably start to grow restless at an orphanage.
  11. TBH i've been so focused on the map and scenery in the trailers i've not really studied the guns.
  12. I'm not up on my firearms but since we have a topic for animals we may as well have one for weapons. The most obvious new addition being the bow and arrow. I guess the game takes place too early for my beloved Mauser C96 to make an appearance.
  13. Not that I picked up on. Apart from killing some Haitians.
  14. You not played Mafia III? Lincoln had a scar on the side of his head, it was the other side though I think. Sounds like Lincoln's voice actor, has a scar on the side of his head the same, town called New Bordeaux. I dunno, just seems weird.
  15. I thought John said his mother was a prostitute and died giving birth.