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  1. I've been playing through as my survival character, it's pretty fun if a bit frustrating at times (the Mechanist's lair was a total fuckfest for me, since there's only one bed in the entire building and that's 4/5ths of the way into the level, kept dying and reloading at the East Boston prep school nearby and had to sit through two loading screens to get back into the lair.) Apart from that I know where most beds are out in the wastes now, there's a nice one to the east of the South Boston military checkpoint, up on the bridge there's a little camp with a few cats and a good view of the surrounding area. I'm playing as a raider guy, Starlight is my raider camp and most other settlements i've just killed everyone living there. Hoping the Nuka World DLC adds more functionality to that (and hopefully the option to give your settlers raider names, but i'm not expecting that.)
  2. Fallout 4 is too linear compared to previous entries, there's no choice to anything. Case in point; Easy City Downs and the Combat Zone, two places where you should be able to bet and make some money, or for the latter compete in matches for caps... but you can't, instead you just kill everyone there and have another dead empty location. GTAO is probably the reason we don't already have RDR2, so fuck GTAO and the poxy shark cards.
  3. Shame about the bush in the right hand doorway, that has always bugged me about building. Shrubs should be auto removed when something is placed on top of them.
  4. Expanding on my previous thoughts regarding giving settlers names, I think you should also be able to set their personality, hostility and/or targeting priorities, plus give them patrol routes and advanced AI (yeah advanced AI in a Fallout game.) Also i've only just become bugged by something that hasn't bothered me since the game released - the fact that settlements have a boundary and anything outside of that cannot be scrapped for parts; "oh look there's several trees just outside of the base but just because there's some insivible, predefined green boundary here I can't use the wood from them. Guess we'll just have to go without those fences." I had the idea that settlement borders were a bit more flexible, perhaps rather than having predefined settlements you can just choose a location somewhere in the world, plop down a marker that creates a sphere of influence which you could adjust to suit your build, expand it out to be quite large and claim more territory. Either that or have the option to scrap things outside of your settlement area.
  5. One thing that still kinda bugs me is that you can't name your settlers. I've started a new survival file where I intend to play as a raider, i'm gonna build up Starlight (again) and make a big raider town with the new workshop stuff. However i'd like to give my settlers typical raider names just to add to the RP and uniqueness.
  6. I tend to choose cars more on looks rather than performance. The Dominator probably isn't my favourite in that regard since I prefer the older, classic muscle cars - Phonenix, Nightshade, Tampa, Dukes etc, but i've had it a long time now and i'm not parting with it... I wish I had room to get the Gauntlet back too. Actually the thing that bugs me with the Dom is the round headlights set into the rectangular fittings, if the headlights were square or rectangular i'd probably like it a lot more.
  7. I have the standard Tampa, if I could mod it out to look a bit more like the Drift Tampa i'd be happy, but that's not gonna happen. And i'm not gonna sacrifice any of my other muscle car garage to make room for it... not even the Dominator. The only two cars i'd consider getting from CS would be the Emperor one and the Tropos, but i'd probably put the Tropos in my sports classics garage which is also full.
  8. The Lynx has to be the most boring, tediously dull looking sports car there is. It looks similar to but somehow worse than the Massacro, which is a fraction of the price. It's ridiculous.
  9. Heh, it's funny 'cause you're using the word Annis to mean anus. Bravo sir, the internet has never seen such marvelous and imaginative wordplay before, and I dare say we shall not see the likes of it again for many moons to come. You good sir, you are the winner of the internet. Congratulations.
  10. Oh really? I saw unliveried cars but assumed they were from the creator. But still, no garage space or i'd gladly buy a sixth just for offroad vehicles, then I could get my rusty Rebel back and the Trophy Truck plus a Brawler. Might have to test out the cars in the creator, see how they look and feel. My supercar garage has two spaces left.
  11. Yeah... cars don't have non-livery options, as I said before i'm not a fan of cars with writing scribbled all over them so I won't be getting any - not that i'd have garage space anyway. None of them look that interesting really except the Stratos knock off, Trophy Truck, Desert Raid and the Emperor. Plus the Tampa doesn't seem to be available to buy, FOR SHAME! Can't see the Dune anywhere either. Oh and some stunt races I won't ever bother to check out. Overall pretty meh.
  12. So checking the wiki there's no mention of the new Tampa that was in one of the Stunning Cunts screencaps, it doesn't seem to be included... apart from that most of the cars look pretty ridiculously priced as per usual. Never mind, it is there. Just not included in the list on the CS page; Also the Dune is back; Lolwut?
  13. So Bestia GTS or Seven-70? I'm leaning towards the 70, but the Grotti is quite... unique in its styling, which is why i'm interested in it.

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    2. ViceMan


      Normally i'd have both, but there's only one space left in my sports car garage. I've tested both in the creator but still can't decide.

    3. bOnEs


      wait until after tuesdays DLC, there might be something else that you might like instead ;)

    4. ViceMan


      Yeah that's true, but i'm hoping they'll add a 6th garage slot. If they don't then I don't know what i'll do, 50 cars simply isn't enough.

  14. Yeah I was looking at those track pieces and wondering how they're all going to snap together, because placing each manually and lining them up smoothly is going to be a bitch.
  15. Looks pretty cool, i'm not one for cars with lots of writing and advertising scribbled on the side but some of those look nice.