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  1. I enjoyed Syndicate more than Unity (although that's not saying much,) London felt quite accurate for the Victorian era; lots of smoke and factories in the east end and that red brick they loved to use. I felt disappointed in the mission where you had to scale Big Ben, I won't say why but you'll probably understand if you play it. Hopping across the Thames from boat to boat is pretty fun though. Anyway it seems like we're going to have to wait until 2018 for the next AC game, which I think is a brilliant move. Means they actually care about the series again.
  2. Coming soon to some sort of digital distribution medium near you; GTA: Pets GTA: Open For Business GTA: Nightlife GTA: University GTA: Seasons GTA: Apartment Life GTA: Bon Voyage Someone just take all the Sims EPs and paste GTA over the logo, you get the idea.
  3. I love the Mama Murphy storytime area, I can just imagine her sitting there rambling about the time she killed a yao guai with an empty nuka cola bottle.
  4. The behemoth has always respawned in my previous playthroughs, I was always hearing explosions from the fat man raider bombing him when I passed through Lexington. Murkwater is under the control of the Disciples. Apparently the respawn time has been upped to 30 ingame days for survival to "prevent loot farming" from enemies so you have to stay away from cells if you want them to come back. Sounds kinda bullshit to me, it makes the game much more boring and empty.
  5. At this point in time I doubt even a biker DLC would be enough to get me back into GTAO, been months since I last touched it and it doesn't feel like i'm missing anything. Until I hear something official about the next Red Dead, a new L.A. Noire or even Agent i'm done with R*.
  6. I didn't mind taking over settlements, i'd started this playthrough a few weeks before NW came out and I already knew I wanted to be a bad guy, just a pity it's so difficult to be the bad guy in the Commonwealth as everything is streering you to be the good guy and you have no real reason to be bad anyway. I actually hit level 100 faster playing on survival mode, none of my previous characters have got past level 90 IIRC, I always get bored of them as i've finished the main story by 80+ but this guy i'm happy plodding along with, taking over places for the Disciples and the Pack. One problem though is that a lot of the enemies aren't respawning as they should, the behemoth and raider with the fat man in Lexington have never respawned since I killed them ages ago, nor at the Wreck of the USS Riptide, the South Boston military checkpoint, Big John's Salvage and many other places, making travelling quite boring. I'm always glad when I come across a savage deathclaw or something, just to liven my journey up.
  7. Not necessarily, R* are pretty good at making the world feel alive wherever you go, they can definitely get the atmosphere of a place right. But yeah, I think twice the size of RDR will be plenty big for travellingaround on horseback. I've been hearing more stupid rumours lately about the next Red Dead taking place in the modern day, don't we already have a game like that? It's called Red Dead Automobile.
  8. Yeah i've probably been fucked more times cumulatively by bloodbugs than any other enemy in 4. Also, Kiddie Kingdom;
  9. I always hated Cazadores more than Nightstalkers, so much harder to hit as their flight is so erratic. Still, they both pale in comparison to the TERRIFYING vampiric bloodbug.
  10. Just be warned with trying to claim settlements: If any of the existing settlers have menial jobs for you to do, even if you tell them you're not going to do it the quest will remain there, sending them to a different settlement won't work as they'll still have the same quest from when they were at the previous place. The only way is to complete the quest for them, then the settlement won't be greyed out in Shank's list. TBH it doesn't make that much difference having Disciples at Starlight rather than normal settlers, but it is nice to see them across the commonwealth engaging in random fights with gunners and the like.
  11. Starlight is my go-to settlement, i've built here in most of my playthroughs. I also quite like Egret Tours, but there's quite a few pre-made buildings there to get in the way.
  12. I'd agree with that, except I got another pie from a machine in the commonwealth the next time I tried, the one behind Medford Memorial Hospital however didn't put out when I tried it today, so it seems my perfectly preserved pie streak ended at two.