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  1. The Specter(re)? I was going to get one of those, dunno whether to bother with the Itali first though. I guess i'll get this as I like Astons. That's the final car from this update... lets see what the next overpriced, pointless DLC has in store. Still at least they're going with the trend of making all cars modifiable at Benny's now, it's a good omen for the next game (if there is one) having that level of customisation for every car. Of course by then each car will probably be released as DLC content with a hugely inflated price tag.
  2. I think I did mostly everything in Skyrim with the exception of doing the vampire thang in Dawnguard, but doing it all over again with different characters does sound appealing. I dunno if getting it on the console again is the way to go though.
  3. I don't do any racing, I mainly get the cars just because I like the look of them. I have far too many really since i'm mostly just crashing around in freeroam, 95% of them are entirely redundant.
  4. I try to mod my cars to look as least chavvy as possible so I tend to go for the smallest spoiler, very basic livery, no splitters or arch extensions etc. The Sultan RS was on my list a while ago, but it fell off the radar somewhere down the line. Still it's a solid car and i'll probably get one eventually now garage space isn't an issue, that was a real problem for me before and severely limited my choice on what to get next, so many cars I had to get rid of to make space for new ones.
  5. Guess it's back to grinding selling cars in a solo public lobby. I think the only reason I bother saving up to buy these cars is to give a big FU to R*, because of course they'd rather you bought shark cards to get them. We need another solo dupe gitch soon.
  6. I probably won't ever use VR until they finally do away with normal gaming and there's no other alternative, hopefully by then they'll come with an integrated fleshlight.
  7. Of course you get shit money for selling cars you normally have to pay megabucks for, I don't know what I was expecting to be honest. They even have the audacity to show the actual price on the export website "retail price: 1.995 mil, but you get 60k, 120 if you mod it up a bit." Even half of the retail price would be better. And the missions to unlock the superduper cars are two player minimum naturally, anyone would think R* were trying to get me to play with other people. I mean what is this, a multiplayer game for fuck's sake? Another pointless enterprise that'll take you hours of grinding to even get your initial investment back.
  8. Ooooh, i'm somewhat intrigued... i've been meaning to get back into GTAO (then again, i've been meaning to do lots of things.) A big DLC that's about stealing cars? They should rename this series to Grand Theft Auto since it seems to be going in that direction.
  9. Ooooh shit, that's what that update was? I saw the file pop up, but I haven't touched Fallout in a while. Fuck, i'mma have to finish The Witcher 3 now and fire the commonwealth back up.
  10. Yeah when I saw that thing on the wiki it nearly made me vomit, Onine is becoming more and more outlandish with its vehicles. "Hey it's colourful and futuristic, we can charge a ridiculous price for it and everyone will want one!"
  11. Confirmed by everyone who isn't Rockstar; so no, not really, just assumptions based on character likenesses.
  12. $250,000 for the 3 year anniversary is ridiculous, R* couldn't even make it a measly million. They might as well not have bothered.
  13. I tend not to read reviews, but i've seen playthroughs of it and it does seem like a buggy PoS, so that's my opinion. Not saying it's a bad game by any measure, it's just hampered by minor things that gradually mount up to become unbearably annoying. Still, nothing game breaking, just silly things that will probably make you laugh a few times until you've seen it so much it makes you cry.
  14. From what i've seen of this game it's a glitchy, bug-ridden piece of shit with ridiculously bad AI and clunky controls. However the cutscenes look impressive and the characters are somewhat likeable. The story - the bit of it i've watched - is your pretty standard tale of revenge. The extra stuff seems like it was taken straight out of any Ubisoft game; go to a district and interact with something to uncover that area of map, fuck up an area's productivity until the boss comes out to fight you. It's something I may pick up eventually when it's cheap enough, although i've still not picked up the Witcher 3, there's something offputting about that game to me too.
  15. I think Dupz earlier annotations were more with the leaked map in mind, but the newer maps look to be just taken from what we know from the few screencaps we have. Of course we're seeing such a small area it could be a tiny, insignificant part of the map, and we still don't know where the town or the Zancudo river area are in relation to this.