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  1. Eh, getting riddled by NPCs and avoiding the stupid AI drivers as you drive to one of five predesignated locations is only fun for so long... still it's not as if I need the cash now what with the four garages of Retro Elegys i've just sold, it was more of an investment - It's a functional vehicle with a USP which is more than can be said for 90% of the vehicles you can buy. It's a shame they haven't added the Skylift into Online, it would've gone well with the Heists update.
  2. Yeah I got a cargobob for the car exports - so much easier than having to swerve between traffic whose AI decides its safer to stop dead in the road and get out of their cars as the bullets start to fly while aimbotting NPCs riddle your car with bullets from half a mile away. I got the armoured Boxville too, was wondering if it's better than the Insurgent... I think it is because of the plow on the front. But i'm probably biased because I own one, still at least I don't have to complete a heist to unlock it.
  3. Yup the Buzzy was my first major investment, it's extremely versatile and doesn't incite the same hatred in other players as the Hydra does when they see the jet icon on the minimap. Did anyone get in on the latest dupe-fest? Now have 4 garages filled with retro Elegys waiting to be sold.
  4. They've still yet to add proper beards.
  5. I was thinking for the next update i'd like to see something completely different; a greater variety of boats, from new speedboats up to pilotable yachts and military cutters that are bigger than the tug but smaller than the superyacht. They could also make the superyachts less obsolete perhaps although i'm not sure how that'd be possible. Right now the ocean seems to be something that isn't looked at in GTAO - unless it's for a mission - and GTA V's water physics are so nice it seems a shame to waste. Rockstar are a least getting more adventurous with their vehicles as the aquatic cars et al. have shown.
  6. Thanks. Another couple of random things; 1. I don't think enemies spawn when selling a car if there's someone else in the session with you who isn't in your organisation. I was in a solo public session when Jizzy joined, when I went to sell the car there were no enemies. However the downside of this is that once one person joins your session it seems to open the floodgates for others to join. 2. For certain steal car missions where a wanted level is involved you can enter the military base without turning it hostile until you attack someone. 3. There are 32 vehicles to steal, once you get to that you'll start getting the same ones repeat. So if you want to keep selling a car over and over again get your garage up to 32 then sell the car you want, whenever you steal the next car it will always be that type - I always sell the T20 because it handles well... there are three variants; TOPSPEED which is yellow, DEVIL which is red and CARAMEL which is a shitty brown.
  7. Bmup. Some general hints for doing the vehicle export work, i'm doing these in a solo public session to avoid twats in jets and general fuckers who like to blow you up, if you don't know how to get a solo public session i'm not going to go into detail here on how to do it. Stealing the vehicles (import) The enemies that chase you aren't infinite, there are three or four waves of them and once they are dead you'll have a clear run back to the garage. Know where and when they'll spawn, park the car at the side of the road to avoid damage (if you leave it in the middle of the road other drivers will freak out when the bullets start flying and probably crash into the car.) Kill enemies, rinse repeat x3, etc. If you have a car and a helicopter chasing you (Supervolito) then kill the people in the car and the helicopter gunner, but try not to kill the pilot or damage the heli. The heli will chase you but as there's no gunner it won't be able to damage your car and no more waves of enemies will spawn until the heli is destroyed or if you drive too fast and it despawns (so don't drive too fast, allow it to keep up with you.) If you do decide to just outrun the enemies be aware that other drivers will be going crazy and swerving all over the place from the gunfire, do not trust anyone. The police chase car steal can be a real ballache as by the time you've killed the driver the car is generally 4-5k damaged. To avoid this when approaching the target vehicle blip if you see a helicopter above the area do not approach, stay well back. It's parked at the roadside until you get close enough to trigger the chase, then it will start speeding off stopping for nothing. It is possible to snipe the driver of the vehicle while it's still parked up which cause no damage. You'll still have to evade the wanted level though as letting the police kill you does not work when you get back in the car. Use railway lines where you can to avoid the enemies/po po and crazy drivers, this is particularly useful for the car meet at the power station and the locate car at the hippy camp near Sandy Shores. Selling the vehicle (export) Don't blindly follow the satnav route, as soon as you're done modding the vehicle look at the map. There are only 4-5 set locations to deliver the vehicle to and the yellow route will generally take you through the busy city streets meaning lots of opportunities for crashes. (I own the cheapest garage in La Mesa so not sure how routes differ for other locations.) Get onto the freeway as soon as possible. For my La Mesa garage the yellow route will always tell you to turn right as soon as you start, but if you ignore the satnav and turn left you can get onto the freeway straight away, it's safer there with less risk of crashes as the traffic is all going in the same direction. This is the big one - In regards to enemies shooting the fuck out of you the easiest way to deal with them is to not drive too fast. If you're on the freeway you will have one wave of two cars spawn ahead of you somewhere depending on your location, drive through them at maximum speed avoiding the traffic going apeshit, you'll lose maybe 200-1000$ from damage but this can't really be avoided. After you've passed the chaos check your radar and wait for their blips to disappear, now is the time to slow down a bit. If you drive too fast they'll get left behind, despawn and a fresh wave of enemies will spawn ahead of you again. Cruising at a constant speed they should eventually catch up with you, when their blips reappear and you start to hear the bullets flying is the time to speed up again, keep repeating and you should never lose those enemies meaning they'll always be behind you. Another advantage of this is that traffic doesn't go too crazy and by not driving flat out you have more chance to avoid crashes, because if you spin out the enemies will catch up in seconds and riddle the shit out of you. That is the most important piece of advice I can give so if you read nothing else read that. I feel like I just wasted 15 minutes of my life by typing that but fuck it, it's done now. Hopefully someone will find it vaguely useful.
  8. You were reading stuff about GTA Q? I'm disappointed in you, I thought you were better than that. I've never bothered to enter those races either for the same reason, complete waste of time and effort.
  9. The Specter(re)? I was going to get one of those, dunno whether to bother with the Itali first though. I guess i'll get this as I like Astons. That's the final car from this update... lets see what the next overpriced, pointless DLC has in store. Still at least they're going with the trend of making all cars modifiable at Benny's now, it's a good omen for the next game (if there is one) having that level of customisation for every car. Of course by then each car will probably be released as DLC content with a hugely inflated price tag.
  10. I think I did mostly everything in Skyrim with the exception of doing the vampire thang in Dawnguard, but doing it all over again with different characters does sound appealing. I dunno if getting it on the console again is the way to go though.
  11. I don't do any racing, I mainly get the cars just because I like the look of them. I have far too many really since i'm mostly just crashing around in freeroam, 95% of them are entirely redundant.
  12. I try to mod my cars to look as least chavvy as possible so I tend to go for the smallest spoiler, very basic livery, no splitters or arch extensions etc. The Sultan RS was on my list a while ago, but it fell off the radar somewhere down the line. Still it's a solid car and i'll probably get one eventually now garage space isn't an issue, that was a real problem for me before and severely limited my choice on what to get next, so many cars I had to get rid of to make space for new ones.
  13. Guess it's back to grinding selling cars in a solo public lobby. I think the only reason I bother saving up to buy these cars is to give a big FU to R*, because of course they'd rather you bought shark cards to get them. We need another solo dupe gitch soon.
  14. I probably won't ever use VR until they finally do away with normal gaming and there's no other alternative, hopefully by then they'll come with an integrated fleshlight.
  15. Of course you get shit money for selling cars you normally have to pay megabucks for, I don't know what I was expecting to be honest. They even have the audacity to show the actual price on the export website "retail price: 1.995 mil, but you get 60k, 120 if you mod it up a bit." Even half of the retail price would be better. And the missions to unlock the superduper cars are two player minimum naturally, anyone would think R* were trying to get me to play with other people. I mean what is this, a multiplayer game for fuck's sake? Another pointless enterprise that'll take you hours of grinding to even get your initial investment back.