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  1. dude the PS4 screenshots are super high quality too compared to game snaps... it's a bit pointless to use the social club anymore lol... i only add snaps there for contests and/or the occasional friends and shit i have on there... but yea, the quality is clearly evident ... SC... PS4share... also, you should share some of your stuff on twitter... i follow you, others should see your stuff too, you take quality snaps... they're not the artsy fartsy ones that most pay attention to nowadays, but for fucks sake, classy snaps are still cool too ... use the #iGTA hashtag too, people like dio and gtagrl browse it like i do ...
  2. lately i have struggled to enjoy myself on crew nights... maybe it's just me ... probably is...
  3. no excuses needed here weev... i heard some spat about earlier... despite how the night goes, iGTA is more important, let them move on, i'll gladly guide them that way... but damn, we need something else to run the nights...we are falling behind my brothers, maybe it's just me, but outside of the banter, it's grown stale.... is it too many themes, or lack there of direction??
  4. wow, i joined late and it was still boring... i don't know how many crew nights i can endure... i dunno what it is, but we've become stale... either it's the game (my guess) or we all just go thru the same boring motions we have for years... anywho, what a nice intro to my few snaps... which aren't much btw... even the clips are getting boring to go thru... me and weev... kuz said he was stuck ... oh wait... here he comes! there... me and casey winning dupz um circle thingy ...
  5. it's a cool looking ride... the stock version also looks pretty slick as well ...
  6. new car... there's a new adversary mode as well called pointless i think?? discounts on car mod blah blah blahs... typical weekly update shit...
  7. NPCs in GTA seem to be cool with it ... its a world that accepts us, massacre...
  8. tonight (many nights ago was/is) the brewery's employee party!!! WOOHOO!! :drunk: 

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    still at the top, many days old lols....
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    2. Firm


      I like it. It's only Tuesday and I'm ready for another session. 

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i have to work, but i like you're train of thought...

    4. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      Just drink at work. Makes the time pass quicker. Also your coworkers life expectancy rises quite a bit. Well, it did in my case. 

  9. i still haven't tinkered with mods yet... to be honest, this game was pretty good without em... i'm up to level 9 now, met delphine and took down my 2nd dragon... i am gonna join the blades on this file, i prety much ignored them on my other characters, probably because there's too much to do as is lol... also, i have been taking a lot of screenshots on my journey, because PS4Share is da shiznet, and this game is beautiful at every turn ... bethesda actually liked this next one! ... it's the first time ever for me!! i think that's it... for now ...
  10. what a shitty video... needed more hot chick...
  11. welp, if you were looking to me for inspiration on this contract, look elsewhere... what a joke... i hate it when they give you a stationary contract surrounded by people, and expect you to pull off an accidental kill with new enemy routes, and folks that can spot passed out people thru walls and obstacles... yea, what a broken fucking job... i mean, i passed it, but i missed out on the stupid winter suit from doing 5 silent assassin contracts, still sitting on 4 now... but the next one is paris, and i can do that with my eyes closed... i mean, it's not the end of the world because i didn't join the 3 or 4 on twitter who are so excited they got it!! so see you in a couple weeks, douches ... it's not like rockstar where a thousand people would spend every waking second trying to figure out how to unlock the new ponsoby designer shirt ... at least this community understands the challenges, and knows that hitman is trying to establish their official disc/6 episode release... thank god we're heading back to paris, because colorado really needs some work for non-routes not involving the characters it was made for... that's why the first 4 missions are soooo perfect for contracts ... colorado and hokkadio haven't had these ops, but they seriously need to work on them ASAP for us vets who don't want to run thru the same damn levels again... those last two have not been tapped, release the kraken!!
  12. it's the 2nd entry in a ubisoft franchise, of course it's gonna be good ... i'll probably eventually get around to it later this year...
  13. new year, new social media profile pic... new shorter beard still needs a bit of trimming ... trimmed about 3 inches off the length, i was beginning to look like rip van winkle lol...
  14. i'm a drunk and people love me ...