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  1. holy fucking shit?! an old school snap?! ... with grl and fanboy... found me a free shopping cart... bumming around (i hope others got better ones here lol)... the car of the evening belonged to BMX ... except when we all bought the new ardent and had a car lineup while having bum fights ... --------- not the end... i just skimmed thru a few clips to get something up since i am not sure when i'll properly have time to go thru what i have... cheers!
  2. clown night sounds quite fun... *can't find clown emoji*
  3. this episode was satisfying on so many levels... comedy, drama, action, plot twists... it had it all...
  4. i didn't save a lot of clips, and i didn't get everyones character because we never did a proper line up... me as big smoke... jizzy as maccer, fanboy playing the san andreas rosenberg (didn't really work lol)... and dio's truth in the BG... joined by dupz' kent paul... dive bombing fails lols... bmx as jimmy ... a dramatic re-enactment of a gunbutt, including shadows... excuse me good man... i seem to be lost... nemo's ceaser is here to help... car race... ...SEND IT!! cheese... lmao fanboy has plug extensions ... but he pulls off a nice vice city rosenberg... boom... --------- done... ---- sorry, gtagrl ... i think you might be the only one i didn't get in a screenshot this week ... so no claude or tommy snaps... you might of been in that plane tho that missed me in the death dive bomb job ...
  5. on my overtime break, still feeling sick, and have been for a few days now ... i did recently trim up a bit tho...
  6. not nearly as many punk snaps as i had of pirate ones, which i also finally posted... you can check those out here: me... fire... when we hijacked bmx's police cruiser... moar fire... shenanigans... even moar fire... ---- done...
  7. a bit late but here we go ... nemo sending it... the battle for fort los santos... gun to the head... attracting unwanted attention... lol bye kuz... marooned... pretty... pretty 2x... a couple of pretty pirates... including this pretty upside down shot... alamo seamen... this crazy modded job dio found... some race... fighting below the ship deck... ----- done...
  8. maybe my female was a high elf... all i know is she had pointy ears ... i know that some day i want to commit to an orc run, where i play a complete mentaly unstable killer who snaps at people and just tries to kill them all the time... i think navigating towns will be kind of hard to do lol ... and dammit, i want to be a khajiit too one day ...
  9. ohh, so, you like, proper grammatical structure, like some of us (not me of course lol)..
  10. yea thats why i went with a glory of battle kind of guy... he's only in it for the gold and valor ... the empire hasn't been kind to redguards, you're right, but, again, he doesn't give a rat's ass what side wins ... he's also in the dark brotherhood, so he shows no favoritism to any race or side, he just wants to be remembered... because i wanted to play as a redguard finally (dual-wield magic/sword), and because i have never done the empire story, i decided to justify a way to make it work lol... being the dragonborn tho also gives him this sense of entitlement, so i try to be as cocky as i can be ...
  11. my first character was a breton tank warrior... he sided with the stormcloaks because of their idea for a free skyrim... even tho they focused more on the freedom of all nords (which is what the majority of skyrim was) it seemed like i was more leery of the thalmor on the other side anyways... 2nd character, a bosmer, avoided the whole civil war entirely... i don't think i even bothered with the dragonborn quest... she just focused on being a sneak thief archer who carried out contracts for the dark brotherhood... my current file is the only one that i've given the empire a chance to shine... my redguard will keep the tradition of the empire alive...
  12. did your contract, weev... now you gotta do it too and post a video ... but don't steal my method lol... ------- here's my latest job, y'all should check it out ...
  13. that's what i need!! the damn black star!! i have the sanguine rose staff that i use a lot, and each use really drains it's charges... nothing like spawning a dremora warrior to either help in the battle, or distract my enemies so i can fuck them up!! ... i married sylgja on this file, she's pretty hot... she's basically a trophy wife because i fight alone... well, i do have a dremora to keep me company when i need it lol... but i found a mod that puts her in the tavern clothes and replaces her pickaxe with a dagger... i was originally trying to marry anwen, who is a redguard priestess in markarth, but she never came home after marriage... i lost her lol somehow, so i reloaded and picked someone else after it failed again... the nords talk about our mixed marriage (im a reguard myself) but they all shut up when they meet the end of my sword ... i think it's time to dive into more skyrim, it's been a minute, playing hitman a lot again recently... my favorite marriage was to mjoll the lioness on my first ever skyrim character... after doing her quest (and silently killing that jack ass that follows her everywhere) she becomes essential and can never die... she's a bad ass in combat... and also looks pretty sexy in her braveheart looking war paint lol...
  14. they're all bad, except jon snow, who is trying to save this realm... and as boring and stern he is to his beliefs, his war is the only war that matters... let the rest of westeros tear themselves apart, so long as he has a dragon (or 2) and some extra soldiers to win winter... its a crap shoot who'll be sitting on the iron throne at the end, but if we keep getting awesome battles like this for the next season and a half, then have at it ... the chess pieces have already been layed on the board, the story is finally being told... i just want more epic stuff like this till the end... and this season has yet to disappoint me... i guess the only disappointing part is there's only a measly 3 episodes left ... and this awesome episode is surprisingly the shortest episode of the series yet! weird how that works, at least they made every minute count... end spoiler...
  15. so can we talk about that bad ass battle in the latest episode?! holy mother fucking shit, i was literally fist pumping and screaming "fuck yea!"...