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  1. well if they're planning a fall release, teasing it now would be a good time... and you know those pyramids would be a cool conspiracy story ... plus, you might want to rethink the setting not being ideal, here's some art depicting what ancient egypt used to look like... i'd love to see an ancient greece or rome, if we're going B.C. that is... and dammit, what's wrong with feudal japan or a chinese ming dynasty era? there's still so much in history to explore, they could be making these games for decades...
  2. i heard the rumors, is it official now??
  3. just gonna throw this out there, but now that we have proper cuts and stuff, we should do a warriors night again ...
  4. here's a couple more of my contracts... i see weev played the first one here, lol your ZERO score cracked me up lol ...
  5. i did, kuz ... good night, fun laughs, and shenanigans... everything you'd expect when you take off your pants... i got a youtube video at the end of the snaps... there's about 5 clips mixed in with my snaps here... so anywho, let's get right to it then... clubhouse party... happy 4/20 you potheads!! 2-wheelin' it... a bit of some crashery, the next few are all taken from this still... nice... jizzy giving us the full view... dio being dio... a bit later... my sexy car... nemo's sexy self... dup's sexy mouth... my sexy ride... more shenanigans at the beach... bmx's ramp jumpy job... me and weev getting some air... gtagrl's biker gang, riding in formation... looks like she's wearing nothing except the brown jacket ... of course dio ... this had a funny outcome in the video ... last bit of shenanigans... the next 2 of fan"man" cracked me up ... i believe this is with BROMAN, we did some MC business jobs for the fuck of it... checking out someones meth lab... ------ ------ here's the video... enjoy, and thanks for a good time ...
  6. so i guess my snap got kind of got big (GTA twitter big, not worldly lol) guess who tries to the steal from my thunder?? tell me this isn't satisfying as fuck?! i finally got to tell him off professionally, and subtly, while being anointed a knight of the GTA twitter community in the process ... this definitely made my day lol, loved it!! ... he removed my stuff, it was glorious, even tho i'm sure he made thousands in the process...
  7. it's heeeeereeee... free to returning players...
  8. it was well deserved... he was certainly one of the highlights of this season... for not having a role in the comics, he, like daryl, have made it impossible to kill off... it's not just the GTA faithful i follow that think he's cool (they actually don't give a shit lol because he doesn't get them RTs), but he was clearly one of the highlights of season 7... both him and dwight were... if you want to see ogg uncut, watch the kinda funny guys... seriously, they are the best non bias give it to you straight group out there, best in the biz... i have loved them even before they left IGN, and they are STILL bringing it uncut... i really love their insight into the nerdy world we live in... anywho, so i guess he was in town for a walkerstalker con, and immediately hooked up with his only contact in SF, greg miller... they spent the previous night getting drunk lol... here's the next day interview also, i am still in love with eugene as well (my currently favorite character still alive)... what is angle tho?? i'm curious...
  9. bones is ready...
  10. i was thinking underwear only, with a biker vest to show off the logo... and riding bikes of course... basically, an MC night, but with underwear...
  11. new star wars trailer... it was meh... i was more interested in the new poster! :o:wub: 

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    2. Ku Zi Mu

      Ku Zi Mu

      RO is pretty overrated

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i think it's rated about right... good but not THAT good lol...

    4. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      I'm yet to see it. Was too ill to make it to the cinema. It can't be any more 'meh' than The Force Awakens. Darth Sexy is a sad Sith Lord.  

  12. i made a contract if anyone is interested... i might of been more into making the intro to be honest ... but i hope to make more from here on out...
  13. wanted to get you into the party but that last job we all played, was the end of it all anyways lol... so here's my snaps, i don't feel like organizing them tonight lol... well hi there fellas, welcome back, delilah ... air... back at the airport... come at us bruh... see this?? thought so ... lmao so pefect!!! ... moar submerged... playlist intro ... bmx'n dat shit... hi fanboy... with dio... bathing in the sunlight...
  14. yea i saw that, might as well right? ... breaking out delilah tonight, it's been way too long... probably close to a year since she was involved in a crew night...
  15. project is dead, thank god... it was beginning to sound like a nightmare scenario anyways lol... i like doing labels for transient ales because he gives us plenty of time to do it... this collab label turned into a last minute thing, which you never wanna rush an artist or you get shit work... but i am not needed for what they're doing now and i'm actually kind of happy about that ... but i'll probably be there then... maybe just for a playlist tho...