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  1. groovy time, gang ... but first, let me take a selfie... first initial group... kuz, dio, gtagrl, me... me and my environmentally friendly car... hang ten, bro! gtagrl, hung eleven apparently... woah this guy didn't even notice us lol... fire it up, dude! hitting the dusty trail... hard... majestic... the buds are starting to blossom... fighting over who gets the last plant... dio and nemo decided to make love, not war... while i went in for the goods ... that face tho ... nemo hit the dusty trail too... hard... then dio hit us all hard... 1 campfire... larger than life... just a bit of shenaniganery... i was hoping this looked like i was blowing big smoke clouds, but it looks more like i'm blowing giant farts lol... as i walk thru the chaos... i'll be fine... bmx's character was spot on lol... job action... taking out nemo... dio with the nice gun butt on kuz... but wait, what's that?! it was me ... a bit of racing... but wait, what's going on up there?! '' cheechbmx is having a good time, homes... a couple meh snaps from someone's job... kuz joined in and made it a bit more interesting lol... the blood on the glass is a nice touch... -------------------- fin.......
  2. anchorage only adds to the backstory, and that chinese stealth armor... mothership zeta adds more fun IMO... i am in the minority with most fallout fans, but i thought mothership zeta was definitely top 3 for fallout 3 DLCs, right behind the pitt and ahead of point lookout... broken steel felt rushed, but it did extended the game after completing the main quest, but i think it's my least favorite DLC... every new vegas DLC tho tops fallout 3's by a mile... that's DLC done right...
  3. wrapped up my institute playthrough, i felt satisfied with it, which is about the best thing you can say about the story of fallout 4 lol... took a trip to far harbor and temporarily moved into longfellow's property, took residence in the back shed, put up a few walls to cover the holes, and some shit to make it look more homely... and the best decision so far is i put longfellow on harvest duty... lol i love it, he's out there in the field, singing tunes all day, it's hilarious ... i'm using cait for exploring, but it's a bit of a bummer that she doesn't have extra witty dialog to add to conversations... might take longfellow out a few times, but then again, i'll just piss him off with my constant asking for more money or telling people they suck at life...
  4. i got a nice snap of us snaking around a building, but it blew up seconds later lol... gtagrl, i find using some of the color contrast boosting filters, and upping the brightness quite a bit can achieve a better effect... this scene was pretty dark...
  5. filters, lighting, etc...
  6. deadpool 2 is good...

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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      the jokes were a bit more than the first film, but what do you expect when the first one does so well? might as well push the envelope even more lol... some of them missed badly, but the overall movie was as fun as anyone going in would expect B)...

    3. CFO Charles

      CFO Charles

      Overall, I would give it a C+

    4. Brian


      I loved it, honestly, I like it more than the original, but in a different way. The original will always be a classic to me. 

  7. he's been 95% credible... so yea...
  8. they're so easy to make, and so good to eat ... i love stuffed green peppers too...
  9. hmmmm......................
  10. i usually have a fresh jalepeno or two in fridge at all times... i toss a few diced up slices into just about everything i make lol...
  11. no offense, but i felt like your snaps were lacking bOnEs this week
  12. she could still be a whore with a kid ... perhaps there's little baby jack crying at camp ...
  13. maybe they hid her in plain sight... could be the blonde on the bottom, or the one in dutch's tent... could give marston enough motivation to revolt...
  14. a larger map doesn't mean a better game, or more to do... i've played plenty of larger maps that just don't have enough interesting stuff happening to justify the wasted space... like fitty said, they're gonna want to use that disc space to flesh out other parts of the game, and make it more lived in... this game will be reaching the peak of this gen as far as content goes, we're near the end of this generation, and just like GTAV did to lastgen, it will push every ounce it has... and just like V, i expect it to really utilize all the disc space available, and if that means a smaller map than GTAV, then so be it... it'll feel bigger on horseback anyways lol... also, yes, i expect a few easter eggs here and there, maybe a mechanical spider at the bottom of a lake lol...
  15. been really grinding hard when i've had the time, knocked out a ton of side quests, and just started the automatron DLC... it'll be a nice distraction before i jump back into the main story... then once that's all wrapped up, me and cait will travel to far harbor and fuck that island up... then perhaps, i think i might finally be done with fallout 4... i still have ambitions to play a brotherhood file, so that's always in the cards, but with so many games already out i've missed, and the plethora of new ones on the horizon, i feel like i need to move on... who knows tho... it's hard to move on from fallout tbh...