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  1. it basically turned into law enforcement night lol ... but it was fun... me and bmx were the first on duty for the night... your taillight's busted... next up we spotted a suspiciously parked car... he decided to make a run for it... ran over a pedestrian trying to flee... lethal force is now necessary... after my successful pit maneuver, the suspect crashed into a barrier and killed himself... job well done... next we spotted a speeder... but she got away from my own incompetence... me and bmx were patrolling the airport when all of a sudden COPCORE PARKOUR!! ... officer grl punched in and went to work... she brought the paddy wagon... we got a runner!! i arrived on the scene as officer grl took her down... i guess she hit her pretty good... she dead... beach cruise... looking for speeders... early in the morning we got a call about an erratic truck driver... weev dropped the trailer and fled for the channel... we weren't fooled... obey and survive... it's also at this point that weev drove his truck into the drink, which ended the pursuit... officer bmx trying to pull a prank on me... didn't work... then he hitched a ride with officer grl, but that didn't last long... i'll come back and get you... or will i?? ... bmx didn't think that was funny... look at all the pretty triangles........... met up with agent kuz... showing off some kung fu moves... not to be outdone, a pedestrian showed off her breakdancing skills... bmx showing off how to properly jump the alamo sea... kuz? not so much... it's a bird, it's a plane!! no, it's fanboy!! hmm, i wonder what's about to happen here... yea that was my guess too lol... random... spotted something suspicious in sandy shores... umm, uhh license and registration, sir... he didn't comply so i ripped him out of the vehicle and he pulled some kind of magical leap... the guy in the SUV was just as amazed... but our ace up the sleeve was our undercover officer driving the rusty tornado... got 'eem... last pursuit of the night for me... we spotted what appeared to be a drunk driver... uh oh, we might have an illegal to boot... after not speaking a lick of english he began to get aggressive... he struck me... officer bmx to the rescue... tag 'em and bag 'em ... -------------------- done...
  2. good stuff ... sorry i haven't gotten to my snaps yet, i'll get on that tonight after work
  3. i might be the only person in the world that liked AC3... sure it wasn't the best AC, but i loved the story (see: merica) and it was the first to introduce naval combat ... the hunting and woods exploration was something completely new and different for the series... i considered it a fresh new take on how the game was played... i am gonna have to replay and finally beat black flag this summer... i already own it on PS4...
  4. so i see a lot of new hitman fans in this community (damn good PSN sale right now lol)... i'd suggest how to tackle this week's new elusive target but y'all are rookies now... but for the guys like weev and bonson and broman, good luck!! this target changes, every restart is a new play... but i went in with no restart, or plan... once i figured out the target, i rolled the dice and let my instincts and knowledge take over to get dat silent assassin score!! ... watch the video if you want, i plan on taking a couple more shots at it with my other accounts... out of the 25 so far, this is the only one that will change who the target is... i'm used to new random paths and such, but now we don't know who is the target... cool stuff... for the rest of you, play the damn story, and replay it and replay it and replay it... follow opportunities and intel, which open up new doors and creative ways to play this game, and more tools to take advantage of those ops... every map is a sandbox, it's up to you to bring the best toys ...
  5. where the fuck did this game come from?? 30 minutes ago on facebook via IGN is the first i heard of it... shit looks hella intense!! it's from crytek, so you know it's gonna nail the atmosphere...



    1. Ginginho


      Multiplayer PvP??  No thanks... but it looks real good...

    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      the PvP part seems off-putting, but the atmosphere seems so intriguing...

  6. it just looks like we all get to play as iron man to be honest... that's why i am skeptical...
  7. GTA SUCKS!!! revelation...

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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      lol that is something that does bothers me with other games, with their single player... but not with an exploiting online system like this...

    3. Massacre


      GTAO is designed to punish people who earn money legitimately, in the hopes that they'll buy shark cards. Finding exploits to make money without doing either should give you more of a sense of accomplishment than grinding... whatever it is people grind to make money now.

    4. DiO


      Look at me. I got almost 90 million across my accounts and I still can be bothered to buy any of that new shit. Mainly because I don't want to waste my time with that public lobby garbage and researching shit. And buying a stupid fucking bunker that I don't want just so I can mod the vehicles. The prerequisites for all of the new stuff are just out of hand so fuck it. 

  8. pretty much... so, like, is that a good thing??
  9. i'm activating the FIB logo... while it'll be fun to be bad boys and the services, we'll still need the back ups ... so bring a cop outfit (if you have one saved, but bmx and me already have a close enough deal) or dress like FIB... the other branches seem like a good idea, but we haven't work that out... but i am totally down for upholding the gta law... we'll have to chase down glitchers... oh wait, umm.... haha!! j/k we'll have fun chasing down actual criminals, should be fun work...
  10. its not xbox 1 exclusive...
  11. so this was teased at E3, surprised no one started a topic for it yet... then again, dupz is usually that guy, but he's been on vacation for a few weeks now ... i am a bit skeptical, and will need to see and hear more about it... trailer... gameplay... ...thoughts??
  12. i think emergency services would suffice... then when can try to be EMTs and firefighters... kind of reminds me of the labor day theme we did lol ... bmx has a pretty good cop outfit we can all wear... i think the females have something to fit the same look too... dunno about the other ones, i think the heist overalls would work for EMTs... ---- i think i got my contest snap sorted tho, if anyone wants to help out and give it that ol' fashioned SC like that'd be greatly appreciated... FORTUNE HUNTER...
  13. i heard the spin-off stuff is not related to the books tho, that they're something within the world created from the books...
  14. someone light this piece of shit up please... he just said he hopes she's dead, a missing girl from E3... i was tagged in it is why i'm super pissed about it... 


  15. i did update my last post just before you posted, but i have the first 2 seasons of FTWD digitally to blaze thru here soon... i've heard the same thing...