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  1. it's my last day in georgia today, then it's back to michigan tomorrow... it's been a nice relaxing vacation, not quite ready to go back...

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    2. Qdeathstar


      georgia is a dump.... why did you go there?

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      my brother lives here, free place to crash and a ride... but i had a good time... went to the georgia aquarium, zoo atlanta, stone mountain, coca cola museum, and CNN center... and i've eaten so much good fucking food too :wub:... everyone here is super nice, southern hospitality... i enjoyed it

    4. Qdeathstar


      maybe northern georgia is better but my family is from near cordele, ga and its just hot, stinky, mud hole hicksville.

  2. my problem with curie is she didnt like my responses and actions... i needed someone who i could get along with on this file... i'll save her for my good guy file... i do plan on, before RDR2, to beat this game 3 times to see all the factions thru to the end... currently on an institute file, and already did railroad... and with the mods, its making it a whole lot easier to just enjoy myself... i've been playing on hard since the start, not sure i want to play on survival... i tried it out for a bit but its just not really my thing...
  3. looks like a good time ... yea i can't wait to try out the transform races, they certainly look interesting...
  4. MLB

    oh shit, a baseball post!! i want verlander to win a championship... but i also want the cubs to keep at it... astros/cubs world series would be more epic... but the rest of the world would love to see yankees/cubs... not me, i don't want the yankees even coming close to sniffing another championship...
  5. i found out that this contract got featured by hitman ... if you go to the featured contracts, you'll see it... that's pretty cool ...
  6. billibob, what a fucking legend... two apps to download... the playstation messenger app... and dropbox... create a dummy account on PSN and send your images to that account via a message... now on your phone, go to that message thread and download the photo... upload it to dropbox... BOOM! or you can upload the pics straight to here after downloading if you're using a browser on your phone... but its hard to type long messages and upload photos with the phone... but that's how i used to do it until i formatted an external drive to MS-DOS... now i can freely transfer files from PS to PC... fuck ast (he has a kid now btw if you didn't know)...
  7. you lied to us!! ... hopefully i'll catch you the following week... after muscle cars next week, it's vinewood night, playing celebrity dress up... and i know how much you like your celebrities, lol...
  8. first car lineup... dio knocking us over... me... jizzy... and bmx all took a tumble from that... fanboy standing there like nothing happen... i see you back there, weev... hi... kuz from the future... 2nd lineup was a mixed bag of sorts... taking the tula out for a spin... yup, i actually saved some job clips... here's me waaaaay out ahead of everybody else in dio's aqua race... no one in this clip but me... shankin' at franklins... the aftermath... bmx cleans up but i got the win as i died... also, i guess i finished my job objective, so that answers the question we were wondering... you get 500 RP for completing it ... cynical's cool ice road race, complete with UFO's ... next car lineup... i spy a dead hooker... after harassing jizzy, running back to the car lineup... oh hey there, almost forgot about you, gtagrl... decked out in her aviator getup... but when the sun comes out ... got the final lineup, but this is literally at the beginning of the clip, lol... so i just barely got it as fanboy fled the scene... --------- fin... no clips from the 2nd playlist unfortunately... --------- EDIT: twitter post ...
  9. ICYMI: new star wars trailer... 


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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      yea star wars trailers are usually pretty damn good... it looks more and more like my prediction from the first one that rey is gonna turn to the darkside... but trailers are usually misleading for a reason...

    3. Jizzy


      The new han solo is so bad at acting that they brought in an acting coach. 

    4. The Goon

      The Goon

      "CGI hand"


      fucking dropped. 

  10. becoming friends with curie is damn near impossible on this file... picked up a new chem buddy tho, hancock... i think we'll have some fun ... decided to just move into the red rocket, as i needed a place to send drinking buddy, and fuck sanctuary (so tired of that settlement)... so i built a wall around it, put up some defense, and will call it the place i store power armor and companions ... here's some recent snaps... ... the nice thing about the dr. mobius bunker mod i installed is i discovered how to reset the containers with all the stuff... so i pretty much have unlimited resources now, and it makes my journey thru the wasteland so much easier knowing i don't have to check every single damn container i pass... as much as i love looting in this series, i just wasn't in the mood... this'll probably help in the long run, because now i'll probably play more characters and see more faction endings...
  11. lol, nice ... here's my only contribution... i don't feel like going thru my clips... sorry... both of you captured the evening quite nicely anyways ...
  12. i definitely wont be there for muscle car night, i'll be in the middle of my vacation, lol...
  13. i like the idea of a crew blue aircraft lineup ...
  14. me and valentine aren't seeing eye to eye now tho, he doesn't like my brand of justice... just about every time i say something, i get a negative strike... i guess a girl can't be suspicious of everyone, and rude with strangers... fuck you, valentine, delilah is who she is... ain't no man or synth gonna change her... P.S. maccready and me on my main file have a bromance ... my girlfriend piper gets jealous, but then again, that's pretty typical of all women... they eventually get jealous because you took him on a long adventure, meanwhile not understanding that you left her behind to protect her... even if she could handle herself, we do that to protect... piper isn't going to die by ghouls and super mutants on my watch... i love her too damn much...