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  1. Well they're not going to make a better version for Wii U, it will just be a port from the Xbox or PS3. Okay, graphics whore. Even though GTA V won't be full 1080p on the Xbox or Ps3, it won't be a fucking "8 bit game" so that point is completely worthless. And also, you only have 1 post, that happens to agree with the minority in this topic. I wonder... And no, I didn't create a second account. And I'm sure he didn't mean 8bit literally. It's a freaking exaggeration. Of course gta v isn't going to be fucking 8 bit. That's something so obvious that I'm not sure why you even felt the need to point that out Yes, I was exaggerating just to make my point more clear. I sense some jealousy, but me a graphics whore, maybe that should be my new title or username and what does it matter if I only have one post? how do you know that I haven't been here reading all the posts since the thread was created? wow c'mon post whore.
  2. Ahem, to the guy who said that "No one" is going to buy a wii u to play GTA on when they already have a ps3/xbox 360. We all know that the realistic a game is, the better it will be. I'm not saying that we all would prefere better graphics, I'm just saying that we KNOW it will be a better experience. My point is, I will most likely buy a Wii U and GTA 5 (if they make one for it). I will also buy GTA 5 for my ps3, but if there will be a better, more realistic version of the game for another console (in this case the Wii U) I will buy it even though I own a PS3 simply because I like realistic-looking games. Call me a graphics whore, but I'm sure EVERYONE would prefere to buy a 1080 resolution game rather than an 8 bit game, so that makes us all graphics whores.