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  1. I was under the impression Broad City was a bit like Girls, in that it's insufferable sanctimonious white-liberal shit, but more than happy to give it a go at some point. I'm still screaming at that episode, rewatched this morning and it's got me in tears
  2. Just caught the newest ep (water park), and the ending sequence with: Had me literally screaming in laughter, I was making dolphin noises. FFO this you may also want to watch: Workaholics, Archer, Trailer Park Boys, and at a serious stretch, Seinfeld. I've watched this show so many times and keep going back to it, even though my to watch list is humongous, anybody else watched or wanting to start? Anybody watched from the very begin?
  3. Clearing out my books and going fully digital in the very near future, this is the first of what I have yet to read: It's a few years old but it's still fairly relevant. Cybersecurity and national defense all in one, good stuff. Up next is Gone Girl I think.
  4. iGTA I love you, but you're freaking me out

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    2. TheLunaticFringe


      I like a little sexual harrisment from time to time...


      ...giving or receiving...

    3. ViceMan


      My aris loves a bit of 'arassment.

    4. Feiticeira


      you are filthy but fine

  5. How are those newer smaller "point and shoot" lookalike EOS's? I was expecting something much bulkier when I saw EOS but saw it was what I had my eye on for a while. I have a fujifilm point and shoot, but the battery is fucking dissapointng. It drains 4 AA's so fast, not that I'd get an EOS, I'm probably selling my fujifilm and under going a rapid life change really.
  6. Law

    Seek a proper lawyer on both counts. The law could differ state to state and if he does a bunk and the police come looking you may well have been harboring a fugitive. A decent lawyer should cost between $200-$250/hr. Specialized will be more. Are you running background checks on your tenants? How didn't this turn up earlier?
  7. QFT. Too many people get wayyy too wrapped up in these relationships. If somebody dying in a zombie show is difficult to watch following you shouldn't watch. Nobody in the core group is off limits at this point (both comics and tv show), and that includes Rick and Carl.
  8. More than worth it, that and so the comic book fans got (predictably) riled up only to slap them down was fantastic. +1 for the liveleak special. I've seen IS videos that werent as graphic
  9. has that martin freeman guy in it so this could be setting up for some real proud americanry
  10. fuck yeah saw the new spiderman today, great movie

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    2. gtagrl


      I'd fuck Captain America. :fap:

    3. Bronson


      I'd fuck Gwen Stacy :fap:

    4. Massacre


      Captain America was pretty perfect. There was nothing I wasn't happy with. The mid-credits scene was one of the best they've done in a Marvel movie.

  11. i smoked weed every single day for 6 or so months and intermittently before then. I really can't offer much because I just "stopped". That's me though, I find it easy to drop a lot of habits aside from the ones that are drilled into muscle memory, such as bad posture etc.
  12. Everybody looking forward to pissing hot on monday?