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    new car BMX sending us Some crazy airtime a crazy tunnel Just for Kuz for playing like a beta the last time we did this job Fanboy rams my truck but I got out And I guess Bones would rather drive off to his death than have me yank him out of the truck Bye Bones, Bye Fanboy A nice crash with me and Bones His car got fucked Kuz tried to go for the nade kill from the high ground I think Dup tried rolling but his character decided to climb when he pressed square Sending it in BMX's old old race I hope some more people got to tube it this time in the Scubaning I still haven't done a nice dive after grabbing a capture bag Fighting off Assass from my team's base I flippered him in the nuts While everyone was fucking around with a wallbreach I decided to valet park their cars for a line up BMX kept stealing my bike so I blew it up But we were in an MC gunbutt battle I put an end to it with my blazer Dup's parkour race Out of my way gtagrl As someone pointed out, that is what you get for wearing heels Getting smokey BMX skillfully jumps to the next roof I flop hatcheting Kuz right in the ass His foot gets caught in the blazer he got dragged pretty far. I have 3 more clips ill tweet later
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    here's a couple monday night snaps... lovely city... catching dio on the way out... --- tuesday night funs... strip club brawl... thanks for the drink, dup, sorry weev for the bmx gun to the head lol... me and weev... this club is lit af fam... --- hey, dio... remember that time that kuz gun butted you, and pointed at you? pepperidge farms remembers... --- hey fanboy, remember that time when you tried to defend your base, but got ragdolled the fuck around? pepperidge farms remembers... hey gtagrl, remember that time when we briefly went back to the PS2 days? pepperidge farms remembers...
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    a couple when I unlocked my revolver Taking down an NPC Fanboy after he got dropped and kick him once for good measure Taking down real Fanboy in a gta race taking down Kuz He flys off ass first pics of the above video I get gtragrl in a similar fashion Sending it with BMX Tractor stunts The wallride with Fanboy. He boosts and slipstreams past me in mid air But doesn't stick the landing The shootout in the job Bones linked me. This one looked pretty cool Taking out gtagrl then R2 ( I had to do a weird angle so you wouldn't see the health pack the dude out in the middle. Pick ups should be hidden in the editor, honestly ) Jizzy kills Bones BMX decides to hitch a ride with the train I don't appreciate vagrant stowaways At the yellow jack. Bones looking at me liEk "You crackas fo real?" Fanboy is for real, killing Jizzy BMX decided to run the whole gta race so I went out of my way to blow him up My Shanty Town. Killing Fanboy BMX kills Bones Fanboy kills Jizzy Gunbutt on gtagrl BMX with a gunbutt on Jizzy Someone kills BMX it's Gtagrl through the bush I kill Jizzy Me and gtagrl reload Looks like the revolver reloads faster Bones was then behind me. What happens next isn't important.... :| thasall
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    when crew night starts out like it was back to the future 3... not a lot of true western shots... this one is aight... what in tarnation is THAT?!?! killing NPC jizzy... the ants go marching 3 by 3... hey, dio... not sure who i'm killing here, but it's a double... farming the skies... it's hot this time of year, am i right? finally found a white woman... taking cover... and i now have an alter ego for willy D, southern D is now yellow jack ... --- true story... thanks for being you ... --- fin...
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    loading up bombs under the table for BMX . Since we're in an MC he is still giving the thumbs up He makes it over the house R2 fighting off zombies. Pretty much the only theme-ish thing we did the ole jump and bail BMX lands on the flipside of the car here is a cool race Bones put in the playlist My deathmatch. Stubby Camp Bunting Dup Gtagrl takes down Bones Then I take down Dup Gtagrl and I are Weinners. We Wien. Dup kills Jizzy Some capture Bones had. Running over Bones and BMX I sent gtagrl flying in a race She clears the tree I was AFC from this job while eating meatballs but I managed to get a clip of Dup killing BMX Playing chicken with BMX On the 5. gtagrl almost knocked me off. Jizzy is incoming O noes nevermind Jizzy misses here are some pics of his failure here is a crispy Jizzy running over R2 during Kuz's capture BMX stealing the police car from Jizzy I kill Jizzy before BMX is done stealing the car BMX steals it from a dead Jizzy I kill BMX BMX again going for the vehicles. He runs over gtagrl Poor gtagrl I get vengeance for gtagrl BMX AGAIN in a vehicle. Hes running over Kuz. I notice the truck has bulletproof windows At this point Kuz was yelling "help meh" Since I couldn't shoot BMX I just put Kuz out of his misery. Then I try and steal the truck. And I do. But we exchage seats a few times. Lets skip over a few potential pictures of us playing musical chairs I eventually have the door open and shoot him in the head At the end of the night taking down Bones's NPC
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    that clip from tuesday i mentioned...
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    Figured I would at least get a pic of Ace while he was AFK and before he got dropped Me, BMX, gtagrl Dropping gtagrl and BMX They fail to get stuck in the tree But they do fall hard Got an NPC kill on Fanboy early on when he got dropped During the Golf Cart rally race. BMX flipping off gtagrl and bones taking the jump Dup's Caddy Capture. Knocking Dup into the water gtagrl gets a gunbutt on Fanboy rage face victory for gtagrl I however cut her victory short getting up underwater. Now that is a "Scuffed (under)Taker" move Dup has the last capture bag for his team to win. BMX knocks him in the water. Me and Fanboy try to presue but gtagrl runs us over Dup for some reason tries to run it home in waist deep water...it was probably a drunk decision. After getting feedback from his teammates he decides swimming is a bit faster. I catch up Here he is just as he delivers the final bag. He is completely surrounded by my team. Me, BMX, Fanboy. Fanboy manages to gunbutt him before the match is over This is what we see while the loser screen pops up. PS: Where the fuck was the rest of Dup's team? Lol. I found a decent track race at the golf club Jizzy makes a cool trail leaving the sandpit I anal-probe Dup with my flashlight Kinda like Kuz last week on the blazer, he gets dragged quite far hitting the wall hard Launching BMX he actually smacks into the building in the distance Launching Bones off his Comet he makes it to the palm tree BMX wants a try off the comet except he slides across the roof instead of jumping on top My turn to be launched hard landing but I survived Dup's humane labs deathmatch Taking down JFK The automatic door knows he is dead so it closes in front of him O noes Jizzy is behind me O noes he gonna shoost me I took to pictures there hoping you would notice the sticky bomb I left on the door crispy BMX shotguns Jizzy BMX then immediatly gets on the blazer. Yeah put on the helmet. Safety first I get a shot off on him before he backs into the room I figure a sticky bomb will take care of that is that helmet still helping with this? hits the roof I wonder if Kuz sees me waiting for him around the corner through the glass. I sure saw him I left him a little sticky present....ok that sounded REALLY wrong Caught a quick shot of BMX climbing up to a nice camping spot that is all
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    In the absence of a shit list... almost sounds legit... Summary below Online will feature battle royale (a la Fortnite), Revive and Survive (deathmatch where you can revive teammates) and Money Grab (capture) Online - Frequent rewards will be handed out to players for completing certain tasks. These might range from traveling a certain distance to murdering an enemy using a bow from 100 metres away. Online - Apartments from GTA Online will return in the form of tents which can be owned and upgraded by players. Online - Free Events can also be organised outside of standard playlists like spontaneous treasure hunts and deathmatches. Online - You will allegedly be able to partake in a variety of activities across the world of RDR2 such as gold-mining, fishing, herding and an assortment of weapon challenges. Online - Vehicles in the game will include minecarts, handcarts and horse-drawn carriages. These come in different variants such as armoured and fast ones Solo - Horsemanship challenges can be completed to increase your rider rank while dozens of different fish can be captured across the world. Solo - Plants and herbs can be gathered for crafting purposes, with the document listing types including Clamshell, Ghost, Night Scented, Rat Tail and Spider Orchids. Solo - You’ve also got fishing, which seems to be in-depth with a selection of baits and tackles available for purchase. You can even buy a can of worms Solo - First person is available and Dead Eye makes a return with enhanced abilities including tracking bounties through fields and detecting which fish and animals are available nearby. http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/red-dead-redemption-2-leak-reveals-battle-royale-first-person-more-3388634
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    I somehow haven't achieved the trophy for 'kill 30 enemies by shooting fire arrows at oil jars", which is a head-scratcher since my main light bow has been a fire-arrow version since about level 25...so I've been revisiting some of the military outposts that I already cleared, to find the easy pickings - like soldiers sleeping on hay next to oil jars. I've also been randomly shooting at jars to see how big of a wildfire I can get going...some places it can spread surprisingly far. Not recommended near locked-up civilians, however.
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    Just finished 'The Hidden Ones' DLC which was great fun! Seriously, everything about this game is brilliant. I've been playing it for the best part of three months (haven't played anything else) and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
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    Only near Krokodilopolis!
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    oh i've slaughtered lions in this game, ran into a den in that very snap i posted above actually ... slaughtering crocs tho is wrong, they're sacred in this game, gtagrl ...
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    I threw up GTA Characters on the calendar for @Jizzy
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    DiO, be sure to check out Far Cry Arcade that comes with the game... you can create your own maps and missions, for either PvE or PvP, using not only assets from Far Cry 5, but from the previous editions and other Ubisoft properties like Assassins Creed and Watch Dogs... looks awesome for someone with a bit of creative talent. See the info video below... Other reasons for getting this for me are: Single player co-op mode - you can play the whole game in co-op Large map with a large number of weapons, allies, animals for hire and vehicles The setting and killing rednecks Fast travel lets you skydive to the point where you want to end up, rather than a set place, usually occupied by a shit-ton of enemies Mad-ass DLC that has little relation to the original game - there will be 3 apparently, a Vietnam war story, battling invaders from Mars and of course, zombies..., No more climbing towers - this has been replaced with meeting people at certain locations who give you information. I can't wait...
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    I've never really got into AC (except Black Flag) but this one has me intrigued - sounds a lot more in-depth than previous editions and I don't mind a grind... might be a cheap pick-up after Far Cry 5
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    my lot... the first lineup sucked, i was waay out of place... even bmx was like, naaah... watching dio go airborne... racing... golf course stuff.. me and dup managed to get stuck lol... shooting shit... ALWAYS here for you lols... inside the lab... DM... hey dio... nice ass... damn canadian politics, should of won that podium... interior fun... tennis court fiasco... ----------------------------- when they didn't let us play thru... and when you've been stuck with a shit job for years... 10/10 will upload a video with song to this lol... video is saved, can't wait to share lol...
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    I ALWAYS shoot the fire jars whether there's enemies about or not - I strangely enjoy it! Have to say I do use the bows and fire arrows a lot. I got the 'control arrow' perk as soon as I could - absolutely love firing it at enemies' heads!
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    i love that method of killing... it usually ends up in a for sure death... a lot of times, it's two people sitting on the ground near one, so tempting lol and yea, i catch myself on fire sometimes because of the spread, and how rapid it spreads too lol... also, fire fire bows are da bomb! ...
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    i am so close to level 40, like another side mission or two, and my gear is pretty much maxed out... once i hit 40, i'll spend the coin to make sure my favorite weapons have been fully updated, then i'll set off on the main quests again, then the DLC ... i just wanted to get past all the grinding so i could just focus on the story and stay engaged in it... i was finding such a disconnect having to level up just to continue thru the story... now i can roll up one after another without a hiccup ... i started enjoying clearing out camps and hunting again over the past few weeks... i got over my initial bitterness with this game and started to appreciate it again ... but holy hell has it been a grind to get to level 40 ...
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    The GTA Online: Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series New Hotring Series Race Mode and Five New Vehicles, With More to Come Today marks the beginning of a full season of pulse-pounding new racing updates, a fleet of fresh vehicles and more with the GTA Online: Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series. The first of two new racing modes – an homage to Vice City’s classic Hotring mixed with the Cunning Stunts of GTA Online – is now available along with five new cars. Read on for the schedule ahead and stay tuned each week in GTA Online to find the latest deals, discounts and bonus GTA$ across businesses, Adversary Modes, stunt racing, and more. New Mode: Hotring Circuit There's nothing more American than strapping yourself inside of the highly combustible turbo-charged death machine that is the new Declasse Hotring Sabre and tearing around a multi-lap track designed for up to 30 adrenaline-addicted maniacs. Embrace the intoxicating smell of burnt rubber and premium-grade gasoline across 10 stock car races made for the new Hotring Sabre, and get Double GTA$ & RP now through March 26th. 5 New Vehicles Put yourself at the mercy of the Taipan, Cheval’s ruthless monument to pure speed and implausible curves. The livery clad Declasse Hotring Sabre is the star of the all new Hotring Circuit. Tune up the engine, drop the suspension, slap your favorite corporate sponsor across the hood and hit the track with up to 29 other adrenaline-addicted maniacs. The all new Entity XXR is a low-slung, pitilessly fast hypercar - now available exclusively from Legendary Motorsport. The Vapid GB200 is a mid-engine, four-wheel, rally-inspired Sports class car ready to be decked out with all manner of customizations. Not your typical family wagon. Embrace the customizable station wagon chic of the Vulcar Fagaloa. Now hitting the showrooms of Legendary Motorsport and Southern San Andreas Super Autos, a range of new cars your garage just isn’t complete without. In addition to the aforementioned Hotring Sabre, embrace the perfectly refined fury of two new Super cars, the Overflod Entity XXR and the Cheval Taipan. The Vulcar Fagaloa redefines station wagon chic with a range of customization options from full on wood body paneling to interior trim. And the Sports class series adds the highly customizable, rally-inspired, mid-engine four wheel drive Vapid GB200. Target Assault Mode Coming April 3rd The ultimate playground for wheelmen and sharpshooters alike, Target Assault demands a mastery of both. A frantic race for up to 8 teams of 2 players each, where Gunners are tasked with destroying targets to score points from a mounted gun, while the Drivers outmaneuver the opposition for further points on each lap. And More Coming Soon... On May 1st, dodge underwater mines, glide over scenic raceways and boost through air gates as you take on 10 unique new Special Vehicle Races featuring the Deluxo, Stromberg and Thruster from The Doomsday Heist. Then, seven new Transform Races are making their way to GTA Online on May 29th - featuring a slew of new and classic race vehicles across a fresh batch of challenging courses. For players who want to take their competition off the race track and into more combative territory, get ready for two new Adversary Modes, along with rotating double cash opportunities and discounts around some of our favorite modes, work, vehicles and more. And throughout the weeks and months ahead, look for new offerings from Pegassi, Overflod, Lampadati and more as a host of new vehicles hit the showrooms of Los Santos. We're also adding a heap of new tools and updates for the Creator coming later this Spring, including more weather options, custom team names and Warp Checkpoints for Transform Races, as well as a number of other highly-requested features. Discounts A car connoisseur such as yourself knows you can never have too many to choose from. Satisfy your automotive needs with these discounts on vehicle storage and customization. Plus, take advantage of performance upgrades and bring your customized vehicles to the circuit. PROPERTIES Executive Office Garages – 30% off Custom Auto Shops – 30% off Penthouse Suites – 30% off 10 Car Garages – 30% off VEHICLE UPGRADES Engines – 25% off Turbo – 25% off Brakes – 25% off Transmission – 25% off Suspension – 25% off Spoilers – 25% off Bullet Proof Tires – 25% off Premium Race & Time Trial Schedule PREMIUM RACE: "THREADING THE NEEDLE") Compete in this week’s Premium Race, Threading the Needle, where the top three finishers earn extra GTA$ and all participants get triple RP regardless of where they place. Launch Premium Races through the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or via the yellow corona at Legion Square. TIME TRIAL: "DOWN CHILIAD" Check out this week's Time Trial, Down Chiliad. Set a waypoint to the marker on your in-game map and enter via the purple corona. Beat par time and you'll be duly rewarded with GTA$ & RP. -------------------- MEH, don't feel like sharing all the pics here, goto https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/60369/The-GTA-Online-Southern-San-Andreas-Super-Sport-Series to see more...
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    it happened with smugglers run i think... i could see underground street races, ones where cops get involved, etc... probably have to buy a special garage to launch the damn things... and if they make them public lobby i'm gonna get pissed... i mean, i guess thats one way to make the race more interesting, with jets and tanks getting in the way...
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    Great - paint your new car green and let's roll!
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    ---The Magnificent Eight People in Party Chat--- TUE MAR 13 - 3PM (PDT) / 6PM (EDT) / 7PM (ADT) / 10PM (GMT) *Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 11 in North America / Sunday, March 25 in the UK - Clocks spring forward 1 hour* --- Join us this Tuesday for iGTA Crew Night! #shenanigans, crew-created jobs, photo ops, streaming, etc... Join when you can, stay as long as you like, and please post your pics and videos here for all to enjoy! Crew nights are always more hilarious from multiple viewpoints, so show and tell your side of the story! If you created a new job, post a link here so the playlist DJs can bookmark it, or in the PSN iGTA group chat. (Name may vary.) Photos are occasionally featured at @iGrandTheftAuto. Please tag your crew content with #igta! --- Theme: Pony up, pardners - put on the biggest cowboy hat you can find and practice your quick-draw skills, we're going western this week on the west coast! There are three kinds of suns in Los Santos...sunshine, sunflowers and sons-of-bitches...the iGTA Outlaws are coming to the hills of San Andreas, and hell is coming with them! --- * Join the iGTA community here to be eligible for an invitation to the Social Club Crew. * Add crew staff on the Playstation Network to get invited to GTAO lobbies. PSN Names are underneath our forum avatars, along with Social Club, Twitter, etc. * Join anytime, the earlier the better. We start in a crew lobby, join via friends list or party chat. If you can't get in, ask for an invite, sometimes we end up in an invite-only after jobs. We round everyone up and send out fresh invites after each playlist. * If there's an "EVENT THEME", please dress appropriately. * NO CREW KILLING, unless #shenanigans happen or agreed upon. You're not in a public lobby, so save it for when you are. * NO DIRTY RACING! A number of our jobs have specific rules, so pay attention, read the description, and listen to the creator's instructions. * NO BULLET-PROOF HELMETS, SNACKS or GOING OFF-RADAR during competitive play. For GTA races, use pickups only (rockets, boost), no thrown explosives. * Don't ruin photo or video setups. No getting a 4-star wanted level when someone's staging a shot. Just don't. --- Upcoming Events: March 20 - St. Paddy's Day March 27 - No Theme April 3 - Crew Blue April 10 - GTA Characters (Events Subject to Change depending on crew input or when Rockstar releases new DLC) Themes: All About Dat Vehicle Apocalypse Night, MC Night, Drift Night, Stunt Night, Off-Road, BMX Night, Lowriders, Rally Car, Supercars, Crotch Rockets, Motocross, Military Night, Muscle Cars, Classic Cars Show & Shine, Utility, Truckers All About Dat Outfit Crew Blue Night, 80s Night, Vinewood Night, FIB Night, Rock & Roll Night (KISS), Dapper/Dirty/Altitude Animals, Underpants Party, Zombies, Bums, Toga, Cowboys, Pirates, Ninjas, GTA Characters, Rockabilly Night, Business Night, Wrestling/Fight Night, Purge Night, Steampunk Other theme suggestions are welcome!
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    about to crack level 36, visited some new places on the map, found new side missions, did some arena battles, etc... really looking forward to seeing the other arena that i was recommended to compete in, i've seen screenshots of it ... i also did this side quest called "seven farmers" which led me to a very very interesting tomb that i won't talk about here lol... took a few more screenshots too... overall, it'll be nice to finally get back to the story soon so i can wrap this up ...
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    http://rsg.ms/e13ab5e a job with a western vibe... played it a couple months ago with PALS...
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    oi, the grind is so real, lol... but after taking such a long hiatus, it's not as bad as it once was... i've reached level 32, that's like 7 levels in about a week, but now the side quests are starting to catch up to my current level so i need to find other things to do for XP, or i'm gonna quickly run into missions above my level... thought about playing the hidden ones DLC, at least the first quest is level 24 i think... not sure about the rest lol... and the photo mode is of course still fun, i love it when the official page likes my images ... you should start tagging them in yours, gtagrl ...
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    Bought a kind pen battery for tanks and lost it within 3 hours I'm looking into the medical program here for PTSD from a car accident and subsequent assault (long story). It's only CBD in NY right now though. Hope Jersey legalizes so we make the move next.
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    Just finished the main storyline and platinumed the game (probably the most straight forward and most enjoyable platinum yet!). I'll be brutally honest, this is the best AC game I've ever played. Granted, Ezio is still my favourite character but Bayek is a close second. It's been absolutely enjoyable to play and I've been thoroughly engrossed in it for the past two months. The quests, both side and main, were very enjoyable and different. The combat, very different from previous and that was/is certainly a good thing. The map - fucking huge and again, that's a good thing. Really enjoyed exploring the many places and very often when I set out to do one thing, I ended up doing another! Graphics, absolutely stunning! It's hard to find anything bad about this game - the ship battles were a little bit of a pain but other than that, it truly is a work of genius. It definitely ranks highly along with Red Dead Redemption and some others amongst my favourite games. Thank you Ubisoft, but please don't sink back into old ways of yearly releases! Some screenshots taken throughout my play through:
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    Yeah I looked for it too ya jerkass lol
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    Replaying RDR at the moment. Still a great game and the glitches are as much fun as the actual gameplay. As stated in another topic, it's like playing a whole new game I am also, disturbingly, imagining a growing list of possible microtransactions for their online model...
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    The one big advantage of being a stoner and a part-time gamer is that you can replay a game 4 or 5 years later and it's like a whole new game... Also, managed to get hold of some legal vape cartridges from California (friend of a friend of a friend) - these are now the sole reason I want weed legalised in NZ.
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    "I flippered him in the nuts" wins. How often do you get to say that?
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