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  2. My in-game phone snaps... This one's for you, @RedDragon2570 Playing with fire This took a long time to blow up properly So we kept shooting it... at dog food while horsey Engineering Pure #shenanigans A horseless intermission - Red, DiO and Nemo Nemo, sCaR-jO and Kuz For Act II, I put on a tailcoat ...selfie with bOnEs and Casey I'll post more later after some Editor time.
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  4. Those pics are awesome, especially the short battle between Kuz and I ;). And yeah I'll only be catching the end of most crew nights. I try to be on by 10:30 est. My wife isn't a gamer so she usually won't budge when I can get online. We have a 3 kids, 1 of which is almost 2 and the youngest is 7 months so they tend to be late getting them settled and asleep. Last week was a lucky exception.
  5. There's something you don't see a lot in actually walking away from bodies. Also,why dafuq am I facing the opposite direction in the tunnel traffic jam!? this is the first time ever i questioned a lot of shit that happened in
  6. Nice shot man. Been looking forward to rock night for fuckin ages lol. I'm still pissed there isn't any real beards, that would be complimentary. I finally got a week off work for the first time in ages. Just need to re-adjust to a normal sleeping pattern, and i'll be on GTAO late this week, so i might see some of you online.
  7. I gotta get a little video for you,bones...maybe somewhat of a challenge if you wanna call it that. I'll try and get something something recorded soon so you can at least get an idea of what I mean if it'll help.I like doing it in Paris cause obviously it's the easiest and starting from the basement of the palace working upward stealthily picking off victims one by one until you are no longer compromised.I tried some of the others but jeebus is it hard cause I couldn't catch anyone alone it seemed.
  8. dude the PS4 screenshots are super high quality too compared to game snaps... it's a bit pointless to use the social club anymore lol... i only add snaps there for contests and/or the occasional friends and shit i have on there... but yea, the quality is clearly evident ... SC... PS4share... also, you should share some of your stuff on twitter... i follow you, others should see your stuff too, you take quality snaps... they're not the artsy fartsy ones that most pay attention to nowadays, but for fucks sake, classy snaps are still cool too ... use the #iGTA hashtag too, people like dio and gtagrl browse it like i do ...
  9. Dup's Triathlon. It was really cool but it's hard to get ahead of anyone. It needs more obstacles. When we all enter the water The sign that clearly says ALM. At the stables This looks bad, but I swear I didn't actually blow that up. This guy got it too lol Some fun with a heli. Casey's turn Muddy Marksman! Who kills who between Weev and Casey? Casey's down but enter Red. So Red gets Weev, but Kuz is going for the gun bunt. He even calls it like at the end of a game of pool. Kuz: "GUN BUUUNNNT!" But Kuz fails, and Red gun bunts Kuz. And Kuz looks like an idiot. Me killing Red And I trample him on the way down. Kuz does get plenty of gun bunts in despite that first attempt. On Bones here. Weev shoots Red, possibly saving Kuz's ass. And the legs go up. Who kills Bones here? Me or gtagrl? I shall investigate. I get the first shot, but it's not the head. So it was probably gtagrl. We reload at the same time lol. Hey Casey... I was going to say hi but I need to find out what happened to Bones and Kuz right under you. Ok, so gun bunt on Bones. Oooo, gun bunt on Kuz from Casey. Bones with a long shot on gtagrl. Just as Kuz is getting another gun bunt. Clearly he wasn't shooting his gun at all the entire match. Just so Kuz can't say he wasn't in enough photos. Yeah, on Bones too. Gtagrl and Red's body still on the ground. All that in one clip. But enter Casey....holding nothing... then Kuz flops over dead for no reason as Casey takes cover? Dafuq. Now Casey flops dead as Weev shoot no where near her. Lag much? O the horror! Bit of a traffic jam in Nemo's race. I'm the genius going around it. Yup, I'm so smRt. Kuz and gtagrl up front as I am rolling in the distance. Casey and Red were nice enough to try and help me get my back on my wheels. So I then return the favor for Casey. End.
  10. Make me banners and I'll post the topics. Red wasn't late, last week was a one time thing for him, he normally won't join till 9pm EST (10pm our time, we live in the same zone). Weev, tbh I wasn't sure what happened at the time. Was glad when you came back. I actually took clips this week, plus snaps to share. I might even make a video of us getting in and out of Nemo & DiO's cars...
  11. Last week
  12. Play with Jason. He has purple boots. I did this. Upcoming Events: Jan 24th - Rock & Roll Night Jan 31st - Dapper Animals Feb 7th - Crew Blue that cool ?
  13. Back to recording, enjoyed my days off
  14. Maybe you could all play Destiny with me?? ...... no? alright then.....
  15. lmfao yeah I guess that is all I was doing to be fair. I'll post the shit but let some else work out the theme calendar.
  16. Just post a music video that matches the theme every week. Also, there bOnEs. I posted.
  17. I think it is a bit. I still like playing jobs. I'm still not convinced of that. R2 shows up randomly and never knows what the theme is. Old-Skooler was missing this week but he isn't on the forum. Red showed up late. Bones is burnt out on the game. Fanboy had company. Everyone else that was there for lowrider night came this week. PS, if we're going more theme stuff I am game. But likely wont be making the topics. I'm not enthusiastic about them enough anymore to pep them up for the first post.
  18. lately i have struggled to enjoy myself on crew nights... maybe it's just me ... probably is...
  19. It's probably just because the game is old now and we have to try harder to enjoy ourselves is all. I think theme night brings more people in, lowrider night proved that. Can we get Rock Night in the lineup, that's been a long time waiting...?
  20. I've been enjoying the screenies lately. A little better res than the snaps can do. This one is my wallpaper on the laptop
  21. no excuses needed here weev... i heard some spat about earlier... despite how the night goes, iGTA is more important, let them move on, i'll gladly guide them that way... but damn, we need something else to run the nights...we are falling behind my brothers, maybe it's just me, but outside of the banter, it's grown stale.... is it too many themes, or lack there of direction??
  22. Fuck,now I feel bad that grl wasn't feeling all that well and my short fuse probably did that no favors.It just finally all got to me after a few weeks of just putting up with it and not saying a word and the fact that now I drink less I have lot less patience for that butt water under the bridge,who gives a fuck so bring on the clips!
  23. wow, i joined late and it was still boring... i don't know how many crew nights i can endure... i dunno what it is, but we've become stale... either it's the game (my guess) or we all just go thru the same boring motions we have for years... anywho, what a nice intro to my few snaps... which aren't much btw... even the clips are getting boring to go thru... me and weev... kuz said he was stuck ... oh wait... here he comes! there... me and casey winning dupz um circle thingy ...
  24. Fuck, it is a screaming black frog.
  25. Been sick as a dog lately so I'll probably be on the quiet side, but will be there with horse head on.
  26. it's a cool looking ride... the stock version also looks pretty slick as well ...
  27. The Specter(re)? I was going to get one of those, dunno whether to bother with the Itali first though. I guess i'll get this as I like Astons. That's the final car from this update... lets see what the next overpriced, pointless DLC has in store. Still at least they're going with the trend of making all cars modifiable at Benny's now, it's a good omen for the next game (if there is one) having that level of customisation for every car. Of course by then each car will probably be released as DLC content with a hugely inflated price tag.
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