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  2. Going for 7th shot today, started HCG and B12 last week. So far I've dropped 25 pounds. Less lethargic, less depressed, less anxious, I sleep better, libido through the roof, etc. Also noticing much more muscle. Overall I look and feel better. Can't wait to see what the next few months hold as it continues to go up. Going for blood test next week to see levels.
  3. i wish i was a younger lad, i'd totally join space force...

    1. Qdeathstar


      I got a few guys that want me dress up as the d man  and beam them up later tonight, if you know what I mean.

  4. I think i'll replay Mafia III and maybe AC: Origins afterwards, in amongst Rimworld and Factorio. Plus there's also the Steam summer sale coming up - that should easily get me through to autumn.
  5. lol that's totally a terminal entry, @Qdeathstar at a corvega factory or something ... i started up my brotherhood run, got him to diamond city, saved nick, and that's where i left it... i am expecting 4 (and a bit of detroit become human and hitman sniper challenge) to tide me over until the beta and the full run on the fall games i want to play... i am so ready for 76 beta, the more and more i see and read, the more i want it... i seriously think that if it's done decent, i will spend far more time here than in RDR online... rockstar missed their boat about a year ago, now they're smack dab in the middle of a dozen games trying to launch their online empires... they don't look so powerful anymore to be honest... which is why they're being silent once again... seriously, again...
  6. Would really be cool to try before buy. I've finished new files of Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4. Somehow I really want to see how 76 goes. Until then, I am back in GTA San Andreas for XB1. Re-living my glory days of 100% and NRG stunting.....
  7. Last week
  8. Clearing out the Chryslus Building before heading to Bigtown... just finishing off the Wasteland before heading into the Pitt. I didn't realise I left so much undiscovered when I stopped playing this game... Pre-ordered FO76 in the hope that I can play the beta... would really like to try before I buy.
  9. and reminds me of something you’d read in a fallout terminal
  10. Can't believe nobody has made a Skyrim cover of The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel with the chorus as "by the nine".


    That is all.

    1. Jizzy


      Shit, if only I didn't have literally zero musical talent...

    2. ViceMan


      What's more is you can use the fus ro dah explosion noise for the drum beat too, it'd be a perfect fit.

    3. Jizzy


      You have access to some shitty computer programs, do it!

  11. I guess we got similar clips so we ended up with similar shots. Still a great week for photo ops tho My lot from bulldozer shenanigans Okay, so when I was lining up this shot, I noticed something funny happen with my mask...look it's normal but a couple of frames later, my character's face shows through, but like Two Face Peek a boo Anyway back to shenanigans - trying to fit my Rat Bike on the bucket along with 4 people Didn't really work too well Totally worth the effort Jizzy staring at the lineup Ragdolling as the bucket rises Our driver is a VERY GOOD BOY This combo theme is a winner 10/10 Jackals agree BMX has a full bucket But only JFK stays in the bucket for the getaway Now we've moved down to the can actually see DiO's Phantom Wedge parked up the beach Emblem fail (Phantom suspense) Trying to raise the bucket when all four are inside, but the bookends fall off Look Fancat, DiO's Wedge is over there I actually had a cat saved before I saw the crazy ape mask, we were halfway to the MC Pussies Speaking of that Wedge the shadows made me Next few from a race. My flaming Wolfbane with my MC name place, Dirty Jackals, which works perfectly with the crew emblem a corner I did well Overtake on Fancat Jizzy coming in hot with the hatchet job Karma is a bitch though, courtesy of Fancat Since the selfies weren't enough apparently, I also took a clip from this barn roof lineup That picture perfect sunrise DiO's Chimera has a twinkle A flyby A very photogenic theme. We'll have to do it again sometime.
  12. My uncle thinks he is assering dominance by pissing with the door open but he is just exposing us all to his pathetic shriveled up little old man dick.

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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i insert dominance...



    3. gtagrl


      The best advice I ever received when asking folks about how to keep a long-term relationship alive:
      "Separate bathrooms."


      So far, I've seen nothing to contradict this excellent advice. 

    4. Jizzy


      Cleaning the toilet might seem less unappealing if I knew it was only my piss and shit...

  13. Single after 2.5 years, never been in this situation out of high school. What is a man to do with such a vast world to explore

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      discover porn and, i dunno, world history?

    2. gtagrl


      Sample what the big ole world has to offer! 

    3. Brian


      Toss me some recommendations. I'm saving to travel next summer!

  14. lineup at gtagrl's clubhouse... hittin' the urban trail... here to see some birds... dozer stuff... beachy fingers... this job was interesting... ran over bmx, who was trying to block our path with his chimera's... patriotic eagle, i didn't get to feature that one much during the night... ----------- theeeeeeeeeee end...
  15. Ooh, I'll take a dozen, plus a sandwich bag of icing on the side.
  16. my first contribution, just started going thru my clips, but now i have to head to work...
  17. As always, let's start with a selfie or three! Me, DiO, bOnEs and Fancat better angle Me and DiO At the Dirty Jackals MC Also my bikes JFK was AFK but he made for a good model A 4-pack of Trouble We filled on side of the members' parking Convoy out of the city Riding five wide and laid back BMX's flaming pug is catching up in style The sun is coming up by the time we pass Mount Gordo Couple of nostalgia-type shots Also, Jizzy says fuck you Love how the emblem looks on my Zombie Bobber bOnEscat coming in for the kick It sticks The face plant That sunrise tho Coming in to Paleto, looking for the Hen House Getting me to turn around JFK gets cozy with the hydrant Glam shot of the Hen House lineup There was a bit of a thrusting chain going on Great collection of hat-mask combos. Also, confirmed - all biker helmets are bulletproof, not just the ones labelled 'combat helmet' Top down on the bikes More to follow, next I have bulldozer shenanigans to review!
  18. I set my text message notification as the info pop-up sound from GTA IV and now everytime I get a message I look up to the left...

  19. I haven't gone through mine yet either, we can change it on Monday night. Thanks for posting the topic, DiO! I already have the blue racing suit and Weev helmet saved, it's also set as my racing outfit, so I'm good to go!
  20. just hold off on changing the emblem just yet, i was gonna pick thru those at some point this weekend ...
  21. if you throw in those nice fox pelts i see, then we got a deal...
  22. ---Bringing helmet Weev to new heights--- TUE JUNE 19 - 3PM (PDT) / 6PM (EDT) / 7PM (ADT) / 11PM (BST) --- Join us this Tuesday for iGTA Crew Night! #shenanigans, crew-created jobs, photo ops, streaming, etc... Join when you can, stay as long as you like, and please post your pics and videos here for all to enjoy! Crew nights are always more hilarious from multiple viewpoints, so show and tell your side of the story! If you created a new job, post a link here so the playlist DJs can bookmark it, or in the PSN iGTA group chat. Photos are occasionally featured at @iGrandTheftAuto. Please tag your crew content with #igta! --- Theme: I was going to make a new banner to propose we dress in the blue classic racing suit but I was attacked by a ped for some reason so I decided I'd just post it for the lolz. I did notice the ped running at me but I was in mid-pose so I couldn't stop. I was struck just at the end of my thumbs up. That wiped the smile off her face. But I then took care of bidness. Anywho...I still think it would be funny if we all wore that suit. If not I understand as not everyone is rich and I think it's about 100 grand. At least we can get a line up of everyone in the good ole blue Weev helmet. Who knows; maybe everyone wearing the Weev helmet will make Weev's Weevy sense tingle and Weev will magically appear. --- * Join the iGTA forums to be eligible for an invitation to the Social Club Crew. * Add crew staff on the Playstation Network to get invited to GTAO lobbies. PSN Names are underneath our forum avatars, along with Social Club, Twitter, etc. * Join anytime, the earlier the better. We start in a crew lobby, join via friends list or party chat. If you can't get in, ask for an invite, sometimes we end up in an invite-only after jobs. We round everyone up and send out fresh invites after each playlist. * If there's an "EVENT THEME", please dress appropriately. * NO CREW KILLING, unless #shenanigans happen or agreed upon. You're not in a public lobby, so save it for when you are. * NO DIRTY RACING! A number of our jobs have specific rules, so pay attention, read the description, and listen to the creator's instructions. * NO BULLET-PROOF HELMETS, SNACKS or GOING OFF-RADAR during competitive playlists. For GTA races, use pickups only (rockets, boost), no thrown explosives or drivebys. * Don't ruin photo or video setups. No getting a 4-star wanted level when someone's staging a shot. Just don't. --- Upcoming Events: June 26 - No Theme July 3 - Freedom / Independence Day / Canada Day July 10 - Gangs (Grove St, Ballas, Vagos, The Lost) (Events Subject to Change depending on crew input or when Rockstar releases new DLC -NightClub DLC expected to drop next) Themes: Vehicle-based Altitude | Apocalypse | BMX | Classic/Vintage | Crotch Rockets | Drift | Forgot-I-Had-This | Hot Rods | Hotring Circuit | Junker | Lowriders | MC | Military | Monster Truck | Motocross | Muscle | Off-Road | Rally | Stunt | Supercars | Truckers | Tuners | Utility Thread-based 80's | Animals: Dapper/Dirty/Altitude | Beach Bums | Bums | Business | Clowns | Cowboys | Crew Blue | Emergency Services | FIB | GTA Characters | Gangs | Hell | Hippy | Imposter | Ninjas | Pimps & Hoes | Pirates | Punk | Rockabilly | Rock & Roll | Safari | Scuba | Steampunk | Toga | Underpants Party | Vinewood | Warriors | Waterworld | Wrestling | Zombies Calendar-based New Year's | Valentine's Day | St. Patrick's Day | Cinco de Mayo | Memorial Day | Freedom | Labor Day | Halloween | Festive Surprise | Olympics Share other theme ideas below!
  23. I bought New Vegas to keep me happy until November. Anybody actually anticipating the new full game mods for it?
  24. Maybe I was looking at a scalpers price. 199 for the one with the helmet?
  25. holy shit, where are you shopping?! it's $80 on amazon lol...
  26. The tricential edition was $200
  27. What is cost you in material x 3
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