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  2. holy fucking shit?! an old school snap?! ... with grl and fanboy... found me a free shopping cart... bumming around (i hope others got better ones here lol)... the car of the evening belonged to BMX ... except when we all bought the new ardent and had a car lineup while having bum fights ... --------- not the end... i just skimmed thru a few clips to get something up since i am not sure when i'll properly have time to go thru what i have... cheers!
  3. The Chemical Plant music pops into my head randomly all the time. If the Sonics were my entire childhood, there would have been wayyyy too many broken controllers. Damn water levels.
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  5. Hey, I'm back... remember me, Bilibob the Breton... Taking a break from marauding. Bought some land and built a house over in Lakeview - I had most of the resources, just had to get some timber, which I'm getting free from Hod, as long as I cut it myself. Nice house but now I can't be bothered moving all my cool stuff over from Breezehome. I was just about finished the renovations when I remembered the talking dog I found and well, what do you know? Two months later, he was still in the same place. Got a cool little mask out of that one... Talking of masks, I constantly wear the Krosis mask with mostly glass armour - look like a straight up bad ass. Ebony weapons all the way, my bow enchanted with a soul catcher and my sword and axe with fire. Barely even sneak now, just stroll up and smack 'em over the head. I finally made it to Riften and have been doing jobs for and getting precious jewels for some residents who pay for them with a crappy potion I could have made myself... mostly fucking Argonians, of course. They're a pack of niggards!! Things were looking quite grim for me and Lydia for a while... I kept hitting her with fire spells and she got pissed at me... I gave her a staff of fireballs as an apology, which she used to bombard me with when fighting... she keeps giving me up when sneaking up on baddies... There was tension. I went to join the Companions and she got uppity about them testing my combat ability which turned into a war against them. I might go back without her and see if they forgive me. But, build a new house and take a quick trip to Riften and she's all of a sudden lovey dovey, wanting to know if I'm interested in her. I think I'll marry her, set her up in Lakeview Manor and then go and explore the seedy sides of Riften... the are rumours of someone who can change your face and I have to check out some apparent bitch who runs the orphanage. Then, I'll join the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood and go dark. Hopefully, by the time I get back to Lakeview, Lydia and Rayya are very close friends who don't mind sharing, if you know what I mean... Until next time, fuck ast...
  6. clown night sounds quite fun... *can't find clown emoji*
  7. Last week
  8. The first two Sonics are pretty much my entire childhood, 3 and S&K were good but something about 1 and 2, probably the music... I can still vividly remember and hear the music for every zone of the first two in my head. I sometimes find myself humming them randomly, probably due to some psychosomatic link my brain is creating. Just the other day I was playing Factorio, creating a refinery and found myself humming the Oil Ocean Zone music.
  9. I see you baby...shaking that ass...

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    2. Jizzy


      $75 for the mule, take it or leave it.

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      stop putting hidden cams in my bedroom, grl!! god dammit!! :angry:

    4. gtagrl


      you like it and you know it...

  10. OP updated, moved zombies up a week.
  11. Went to Columbia, sc to see the eclipse. Was pretty awesome, something that shouldn't be missed.


    if you fucked up there is one in 2024.

    1. gtagrl
    2. Qdeathstar


      IMG_5511.thumb.PNG.2571ddfc44ac56d879827d2c9fe73fef.PNGPics didn't really work out on an iPhone, and I'd rather see the eclipse than play with toys... totalllity was only around 2:30 minutes....


      im goIng to Cleveland for the 2024 eclipse, should be around 4 minutes of totality then.



      ^taken on a shaky iPhone and solar glasses



    3. gtagrl


      Yeah, not much point taking many photos when you know NASA, among others, will have spectacular images...super cooooool man!

  12. That sounds like a great idea. I am only familiar with Sonic 2, but it is VERY familiar. I also played the fuck out of Eternal Champions, Mickey Mania, The Lion King, Earthworm Jim, and Road Rash. I also had Road Rash 3D for PS1 and that soundtrack was bitchin'.
  13. Ugh the worst!
  14. Sorry for your loss Firm. I know my beard is the wrong length when it gets caught in the zip of my jacket. Fucking hurt.
  15. We did FIB night pretty recently. Zombies is a great idea. We will be sure to ask this week if anyone has requests too.
  16. this episode was satisfying on so many levels... comedy, drama, action, plot twists... it had it all...
  17. The beardless are really missing out. I know my beard is the right length when people start giving me spare change, in the daylight, and avoiding me, after dark. The wild goose chase never makes it past the homeless shelter, before the police give up.
  18. I shaved it off for my Grandads funeral. I don't think it suited me tbh. I prefer a more wholesome clean-cut look...
  19. (Eat an apothecary's satchel of dragon cocks, Photobucket.) TUE AUG 22 - 6PM (EDT) 11PM (BST) --- Join us this Tuesday for iGTA Crew Night! #shenanigans, crew-created jobs, photo ops, streaming, etc... Join when you can, stay as long as you like, and please post your pics and videos here for all to enjoy! Crew nights are always more hilarious from multiple viewpoints, so show and tell your side of the story! If you created a new job, post a link here so the playlist DJs can bookmark it. The IGTA Community chat on PSN is also a great place to share ideas and news. Photos are occasionally featured at @iGrandTheftAuto. Please tag your crew content with #igta! --- Theme: Everyone stop showering immediately...and hoard that cardboard! This week, we explore Los Santos' dark underbelly - tent cities, culverts, back alleys, underpasses and caves. What better way to spend a Tuesday - a spot of drunken panhandling outside the Vanilla Unicorn, huddling for warmth under the Del Perro pier, riding the rails out to the countryside - or fighting to the death for quarters! Bum night is inevitably going to be a stinky one. --- * Join the iGTA community here to be eligible for an invitation to the Social Club Crew. * Add crew staff on the Playstation Network to get invited to GTAO lobbies. PSN Names are underneath our forum avatars, along with Social Club, Twitter, etc. * Join anytime, the earlier the better. We usually start in a crew lobby, join via friends list or party chat. If you can't get in, ask for an invite, sometimes we end up in an invite-only after jobs. We round everyone up and send out fresh invites after each playlist. * If there's an "EVENT THEME", please dress appropriately. * NO CREW KILLING, unless #shenanigans happen or agreed upon. You're not in a public lobby, so save it for when you are. * NO DIRTY RACING! A number of our jobs have specific rules, so pay attention, read the description, and listen to the creator's instructions. * NO BULLET-PROOF HELMETS, SNACKS or GOING OFF-RADAR during competitive play. For GTA races, use pickups only (rockets, boost), no thrown explosives. * Don't ruin photo or video setups. No getting a 4-star wanted level when someone's staging a shot. Just don't. --- Upcoming Events: August 29 - Ninjas September 5 - Clowns September 12 - Zombies September 29 - TBA (Events Subject to Change depending on crew input or when Rockstar releases new DLC) Themes: All About Dat Vehicle Apocalypse Night, MC Night, Drift Night, Stunt Night, Off-Road, BMX Night, Lowriders, Rally Car, Supercars, Crotch Rockets, Motocross, Military Night, Muscle Cars, Classic Cars Show & Shine, Utility, Truckers All About Dat Outfit Crew Blue Night, 80s Night, Vinewood Night, FIB Night, Rock & Roll Night (KISS), Dapper Animals, Underpants Party, Bums, Toga, Cowboys, Pirates, Ninjas, GTA Characters, Rockabilly Night, Business Night, Wrestling/Fight Night, Purge Night, Steampunk Other theme suggestions are welcome!
  20. I'd love to play the old Sonics again properly. I bought a 40 games in one collection for the PS3 a few years ago that had 1,2, 3 S&K, but it didn't have the lock-on functionality of the old Sonic & Knuckles cartridge meaning you couldn't play 2 and 3 with it. Felt like I was missing out somwhat on childhood memories not being able to seamlessly transition from 3 into S&K.
  21. /bump This was always one of my favorite topics to post in - so glad I decided to expand my collection by purchasing all the older consoles I enjoyed as a youth. Now that my offspring is beginning to react to objects/lights around her, I can't begin to describe how much my anticipation/excitement is growing to introduce her to Super Mario Brothers, Sonic 2, and other various platformers for the first time. My most recent purchase: The wireless controllers were a big sell for me on this one, plus the 80 games that come pre-loaded to the hard drive.
  22. Why in the fuck have a gotten almost 55k profile views in the last 5 years

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    2. Brian
    3. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      I have 9,712 views. Seriously? You guys like Brian more than me? I gave this forum my youth, my early twenties and now my inevitable death before I'm 30. If I ever get to America I feel Massacre and I could stage a revolution. Beards and hair will conquer all. Also, fuck you Brian (you know I love you).


    4. Massacre


      Man, I'd be ecstatic if I died before 30. Running out of time on that one, unfortunately.

  23. The Mint 500. Big Smoke and Tommy crashed. Maccer and Truth were there to finish them off Caesar's attempt to Divebomb Truth Truth takes out Jimmy Truth takes out Ken Truth takes out Maccer Ken takes out Big Smoke Then someone takes out Ken. O, it's Caesar Truth takes out Maccer Kent takes out Jimmy Truth with a sticky bomb for Big Smoke on a Lawn Mower. I took nearly the same pic as Bones lol. I found it hilarious that Caesar never shot at Big Smoke while riding the mower. A sticky for Claude Truth with the best camping spot ever Truth is at home racing in Hippy Vans Traffic Jam. Caused by Ken. The dumb-ass got Austin-Powers'd Some people taking out the slasher. Gave up on this mode for pics after this. The dark is just a pain in the ass The first time "corner 1" on the Eboladrome wasn't a total fluster cuck Jimmy takes out CJ But then gets shot in the head By the Truth Tumble tumble Another headshot on Jimmy And one for CJ This is where Jimmy more or less gave up on shooting and was going for gun bunts. It didn't always work out. Taking out Big Smoke as well. I love it when the bodies pile up So we thought we people's characters just disappear when they leave the lobby. But that is only when they are in an MC. So I can still do this. The Truth taking out Caesar's NPC ( he is dressed for next week ) Body hits the ground before the hat as per usual Credits Truth - Dio Big Smoke - Bones Cesar Vialpando - Nemo Jimmy De Santa - BMX Carl Johnson - BigPeal Ken Rosenberg - Fanboy Tommy Vercetti and Claude Speed - gtagrl Kent Paul - Dupz Maccer - Jizzy
  24. i didn't save a lot of clips, and i didn't get everyones character because we never did a proper line up... me as big smoke... jizzy as maccer, fanboy playing the san andreas rosenberg (didn't really work lol)... and dio's truth in the BG... joined by dupz' kent paul... dive bombing fails lols... bmx as jimmy ... a dramatic re-enactment of a gunbutt, including shadows... excuse me good man... i seem to be lost... nemo's ceaser is here to help... car race... ...SEND IT!! cheese... lmao fanboy has plug extensions ... but he pulls off a nice vice city rosenberg... boom... --------- done... ---- sorry, gtagrl ... i think you might be the only one i didn't get in a screenshot this week ... so no claude or tommy snaps... you might of been in that plane tho that missed me in the death dive bomb job ...
  25. Sounds like you're working too hard my guy
  26. Earlier
  27. on my overtime break, still feeling sick, and have been for a few days now ... i did recently trim up a bit tho...
  28. How's the beard progression, Firm?
  29. better late then never right?
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