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  2. Nice to see the two of you shit faced together. I should be meeting with DiO at the end of summer if all goes to plan. I'll also be in Orlando in Summer if anyone wants to meat 👉👌...?
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  4. not during a car meet, dammit... just keep in mind, that a theme like this means we will be doing car shows in between playlists...
  5. I dont know why the uck you guys would come to Connecticut, but if you do...
  6. Be forewarned...I will take my dukes and run a lowrider off the road. Let the white trash flow!
  7. you are assuming there, fitty... no evidence... i almost met stoic a couple years ago, but he was out of town when i was in his town... i don't recall anyone meeting up yet tho... even in the UK, as close as they are, i haven't heard of anyone meeting up... perhaps me and dio can set an example... i do want to visit the UK (for other reasons outside of iGTA) but when i do i wanna meet dupz and firm for sure ...
  8. Members have definitely met up irl. Guys in the UK probably did since the whole country is the size of a few US states. I think some people in the states met up a few years ago. Can't remember who but we started thinking about doing an iGTA get together. Obviously that plan was a success... edit: Actually I think it was Stoic and someone else. They met in Tampa or somewhere in Florida. Might have been Heartless...
  9. ...asian? ... how so?? the only asian we have here is kuz ... UPDATE: the last photo i have of us on my phone... outside of dave & busters looking iGTA blue as fuck lol ...
  10. bOnEs, I'm concerned by how increasingly Asian your appearance has become, over the years.
  11. Season 3 comes out on May 21, 2017. Some of the events of season 2 were explained in the Twin Peaks book "The Secret History of Twin Peaks", but we still aren't sure where exactly they're going to go with the story. What do you guys think?
  12. To get through the day? I may have some issues, though.
  13. i haven't touched weed in years...
  14. how can you smoke weed and drink?
  15. 400 posts motherfucker! Wubba lubba dub dub!

    1. The Goon

      The Goon

      Thanks for reminding me Season 3 won't be out for awhile.

  16. if i ever make it out to aussie land, i would totally meet you and rob... that would be at the top of my list ...
  17. No idea if it's the first. Surely not? Sounds like you guys had a blast. I was serious, if anyone is in Melbourne and doesn't value their life I am always available. We can get drunk and pat my dogs. They'd like that.
  18. i sent him a DM on instagram, just in case he doesn't see the crew night chat on PSN ... EDIT: ace is down, so spam him invites tuesday night, lol...
  19. Sure, whatever folks want to show off, the growlier the better.
  20. right on... better let ace know of this theme, you know he wouldn't wanna miss it... i would say lowrider muscle cars are ok too, right?
  21. haha ... i was DEFINITELY on top btw ... dio was visiting some friends who moved to lansing michigan, and he was coming to the states for the first time ever... lansing is only a couple hours away from me so i said fuck it, i'll go! only had a little over a week's notice, but i was able to get someone to cover for me yesterday at the brewery ... and it was fun, too... we got shit-faced drunk and was up until like 6 am... his buddy john stayed up with us the whole time, but his other friends went to bed at like 3 am... apparently we were loud as shit and they couldn't sleep anyways ... but they were all cool as fuck, it was a fun evening... we went to dave & busters earlier in the day, which to be honest, wasn't as fun as it sounded... it was pretty much a cash-grab kind of place... games were expensive without much reward... basically being able to drink while playing games was the best part, and so was this star wars battle pod game i played... i would of stayed in that all night if i could!! but me, dio, and john ended up giving our tickets to some little girls and made their day... there wasn't shit for us for 374 tickets ... we're not 12, lol... anyways... like dio said too, i think it's the first time anyone from this community got together... perhaps not the last?? EDIT: fuck it, lets throw a drunken 5am selfie into the mix too!!
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  23. I wish I could have been there. Your faces say it all.
  24. I keep thinking it's photoshopped. It's like seeing a crossover episode of two cartoons from completely different networks.
  25. OMG meeting of the brother beards! So THAT's what you were on about for Saturday. Awesome, guys.
  26. They both look pretty satisfied. If you're ever in Melbourne....
  27. I'm excited you guys finally got to fuck. I can tell from the smug satisfaction in your eyes that you were on top, bOnEs.
  28. I take it you've never listened to Bob Log III? He often plays gigs from the ladies bathroom. Nice beard. Given some of the ones recently posted we should have a contest. Or at least a beard discussion thread.
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